Thursday, August 09, 2007

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today...

Stitch and Pitch Shea Stadium:

Stitch & Pitch 006

Stitch & Pitch 003

Stitch & Pitch 004

Stitch & Pitch 003

Stitch & Pitch 002

Stitch & Pitch 001

Stitch & Pitch 007
The goods in the bag!

It was a really fun night - I went with Dana from the LIC knit group - Melissa (who got her tickets a month before Dana did), was sitting in the row right below us with the Spiders - there was yarn and needles everywhere. The only thing that could have been better was the weather - it was SO FREAKIN' HOT. Seriously it was almost too hot to be outside. I hate the heat.

Yesterday's weather was amazing - the rain early was biblical - I went to drive Robert to the train station and there was a river flowing down my street - the water was up to the first step of my stoop. It finally stopped raining, we checked the Rail and Road Report on NY1 at 7am and the trains were clear, so I dropped Robert off at the M train. He got to Canal St when he had to turn around come home because there was no Q service. I felt really bad for him, by the time he got back it was 10:00 and he looked liked a wilted lettuce leaf!

Just 2 more days left to my vacation - I am so not missing work. If I can manage to stay off Ravelry I might actually get some knitting done.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Accidents will happen, it's only hit and run

Actually it wasn't hit and run, it was just a fender bender. Last week during the lousy rainy weather we were having, someone cut me off and I hit his rear bumper. So now I have to go to the police station today to get a copy of the accident report to send to my insurance company. Blah! Not what I want to do during my vacation.

Today is my errand day, I have to go the police station, bank, supermarket, drycleaners and drug store - If I get it all done this morning I can spend the rest of this week knitting!

Last week ended really well though - I had a meeting at the Saybrook Pt Inn in CT - I love that place! The weather was perfect - here is the view from my terrace:

Sunrise on the Connecticut River

The best part is 2 of my managers - it was a joint district meeting - gave me a gift certificate to the Spa! I plan to go back in the Fall with David, maybe for out anniversary in October.

In knitting news, Clue 5 of the Mystery Stole was released Friday and the theme revealed - Swan Lake. The stole will actually end in a wing. I don't think I will make the stole as it is designed - I don't think I want a deep purple swan, but I do love the design and plan to knit it as Melanie designed it at a later date - I am thinking I will knit clues 1 - 4 again and knit a center panel in the feather pattern that is used for the wing then graft the 2 ends to the middle.

Here is an update photo of clue 3: