Tuesday, December 28, 2004

No pictures to post..

but I did want to jot off a quick note. I hate when too much time has passed since my last post.

Christmas was very good this year. I made the best ever tomato sauce with meatballs and pork brasole(?) and homemade lasagna and mini pecan pie tarts - yummy. My mother and brother came over for diner, but since David had to work, it was an early night.

We celebrated with the boys on Christmas Adam and Christmas Eve, then took them home to their mothers. I got nice knitty gifts from them - Domino Knitting and The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. I love them both (the books and the boys)

Well, David is demanding his computer back so more later....

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tis the season ...

to be RAOK'd! I received this lovely scarf from Lizzi - that is my stepson, Jeff, modeling it:

Thank you Lizzi - I really love the colors and how soft it feels on.

and to give equal time to the other brother, Robert opening gifts:

We exchanged gifts with the boys tonight because we don't have them on Christmas.

Hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Solstice!

Raise a mug of wassail and celebrate the turning of the wheel!

I promised pictures and here they are:

The before

and after

The above recipe works really well in a crockpot - stays warm and yummy all day!

Monday, December 20, 2004

and now for something completely different

Thanks to Kerstin for this - I needed the laugh

Thank You everyone...

for the birthday wishes! I had a great day yesterday with my girlfriends. We went out for Mexican food and girl talk. Margaret gave us each $10 worth of scratch off tickets and we all won something. I also got a gift certificate to AC Moore - so I am really happy. We went to Starbucks (a blue co. yippee!!) for desert and sat in front of the fireplace - it was a wonderful afternoon - even with out knitting.

After I got home, David and I went for the tree. I love my tree! I will post pictures later, but trust me it looks gorgeous!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Doing nothing isn't working!

I am really not in the holiday spirit now - I am stressed and grouchy. I tried doing nothing as Norma suggested, but it is not working - I am feeling more stressed. It is my birthday weekend and still no tree, the decorations - in a box in the basement, the presents - all over the house. Cookies - not happening, lasagna - take out anyone?

What I really want is to go away somewhere all by myself - just me, my yarn, some hooks and my denise needles! Heaven

Tonight is my office Christmas party, David is not coming because he has to work, so I am going alone. Tomorrow is my birthday, 43 years old, man where did the years go? I'm going to brunch with my girlfriends. David and I can celebrate after the holidays, when hopefully he is back on days. Tmrw night there is a SnB in Park Slope at the Tea Lounge, I think I will go, maybe that will get me out of this funk.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Capelet Pattern - sort of

Ok I still have not comp at home, so I am going to post this from work. I haven't actually written out the pattern so this is just the basic directions as far as what I did. The yarn I used was a hand dyed silk I won on ebay - it is a sport wt.

With a size D crochet hook I chained a length to fit comfortably around my shoulders, join with slp st. HDC around for 1 1/2 inches or desired length increase as necessary to achieve a multiple of 10 + 1 for the first pattern. Switch to a Size F hook - I used the spaced scale stitch on page 106 of the Crochet Stitch Bible continue in that pattern changing to a Size G hook after a few inches, till desired length (3 - 4 inches shorter than the finished length you desire). Then I switched to the sea stitch on page 112 and a Size H hook and did 3 rows to finish. Then I did a row of sc around the front opening and Voila!

I had to fudge the numbers to make it fit but all in all it worked out really well. Happy Friday all.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

No catchy title today

I have to go home tonight and finish cleaning the apt so we have some place to put the tree. David is home trying to fix his computer. We have a major spyware invasion, seems like some site the kids visit causes major problems with the computer. He has to reformat the hard drive to get rid of the worms and whatever other crap got through. This will be the 3rd time this has happened so the boys won't have web access anymore. They have plenty of games and spend too much time on the computer anyway.

I am not getting used to his new schedule and don't like him being out on patrol after midnight, but there is good news on the horizon, his captain has said he will see about putting him back on days after the new year. Of course that won't help with my birthday or the holidays, but it is better than February or never.

I have lots of baking to do this weekend - I want to make cookies to give out to co-workers and friends. I love making cookies. I want to put them with the Christmas gifts for my girlfriends. We are getting together Sunday for brunch and gifty exchange. I was thinking of knitting each of them cotton sacks with yummy soaps, but I don't know if I can get them done by Sunday.

A few people have asked for the pattern for the silk crochet capelet. I will try to post the instructions tonight. It not really a pattern, just more of a guideline and stitch directions.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Here are a few pictures

David & me at his Christmas Party

The sweater I am making him that was supposed to be for his birthday, which I may have finished before he reaches SS age

It is from The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville

This is the yarn(expect it is much prettier and blue in person)


Scrooge is alive and well...

and working for the NYPD! David got into a tiff with his Capt. at work and ended up being transferred to midnights for the next 2 months! ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That really is going to mess up all our holiday plans as well as the boys schedule. On the midnight tour he is back to working 4 days on 2 days off. He loses his steady days, so now we have to figure out when and how will will pick up the boys and return them home and when we can celebrate Christmas (he was off before this) Oh bah humbug!

I still have lots of Christmas knitting to do - will post some pics later.

Friday, December 10, 2004

What I want to make in 2005

I need to make a list of things I want to finish in the new year. I know Rogue is on my list and Blaze and Tempting and belle epoque from knitty and some other but today I saw this, and I think it has jumped to the top of the list! Thank you Marnie for another gorgeous pattern.

What is on top of your list for the coming year?

Had lots of fun at the Christmas Party last night - will post a picture later.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2 more pictures

I just wanted to post 2 more pictures of my capelet - I am ridiculously pleased with this, my first design. Anyway here they are:

Tomorrow is David's Christmas Party - I wanted to wear it but 1 - it doesn't go with the dress I picked out and 2 - I wet and blocked it and it is drying now - I don't think it will be fully dry by tomorrow night. I think I will wear the beaded crochet shawl Marilyn brought back from Italy for me.

More later.......

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Let there be pictures........

and so here they are:
silk capelet - my own design

detail of crochet stitches

rose scarf - turkish stitch, bulky yarn on size 17 needles with crochet roses

detail of roses - lots more to be added!

Rowan capelet

fringe ends - first few rows

detail of fringe

the bestest partner a girl could ask for - love ya sweets!

Singing in the rain...

off key of course. Lots of stuff to post today, where to begin -

First - Santa came early to my house last night - I got my digital camera!!! David wanted me to open it early, before my birthday so I could use it, he also got tired of my hinting for one. So last night while watching Mystery Monday on BBC America, I took lots of pictures of my current W'sIP and finished stuff to post - and as soon as I figure out how to download them to my computer, I will post them here.

My favorite Japanese outlet store, Samurai, has a website : you can check out locations and see some of the stuff they carry. I was there this Sunday and bought some really cool thick and thin yarn - it is funky looking - I will show you a picture soon. They had lots more yarn, but no needles - I asked and the store manager said they were on order and would be in soon. These needles are awesome! Bamboo needles for $0.99 to $1.49 each! (I have an unhealthy attachment to exclamation pts!) Everytime I go here I spend about $20 and walk out with a shopping back full of stuff.

I stared my Rowan free gift pattern last night - this is it:

It is in Rowan Cork, which is a luscious yarn, so soft. The color I received is 045 which is an oatmeal neutral, I was really hoping for the red, but this yarn is so nice to work with, I don't mind that it is not a great color for me. There are these little fringe like things along the lower edge that are made by casting on then binding off stitches - they were fun to do and remind me of tentacles. I am enjoying working on this.

We are not going to see my inlaws till after Christmas, so I don't have to kill myself to get there gifts finished by the 24th. Now if I can just go home and play with my camera and finish my capelet I will be very happy.

For those who crochet, have you seen the new issue of Crochet me yet, it is great! (I know, I know) and the new knitty is out too (see I can go w/o an !)

Friday, December 03, 2004

Up and running again

Well I have got most of my blog back they way it was. I still need to add a few more rings back and links to other blogs. I would also like to put a link to WIP and Gallery, but I am not quite sure how to do that. I do like the way this one is looking now so I am happy.

The interview last night went well, I think - I am never good at judging these things. It was only a 1/2 hour massage and I was nervous and the table was a little too low, but I thought I did a good treatment and I really liked the look of the place. The massage room was very pretty, the table was heated the sheets were thick and soft and there was a dark sage green cotton blanket covering everything. Very elegant and comforting. I hope they call me when they need an extra therapist!

Finished 1 sleeve on Christian's hoodie - I am making this pattern in a navy and bright blue bernat coordinates that I bought at Smileys. I still have to wind that last skein of silk for the capelette and work some more on MIL shawl. I just got the new elann newsletter for December and there are 2 new Peruvian collection yarns - a fingering wt alpaca and silk and a bulky wt highland wool - gorgeous!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bah Humbug!

No not Christmas - blogging! I was trying to fix my blog and screwed everything up - lost all my codes and Ringsurf won't let me log in to any of the my rings. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! Can anyone recommend a book that I can use to learn about this stuff? - I am seriously tech challenged.

Bumbles bounce....

Yes it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Last night Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on - this is my all time favorite Christmas show - I love the Island of Misfit Toys and Hermie the dentist elf. So I am now officially in the Holiday Spirit (as I sit here listening to WPLJ's all Christmas Music programming). I really do love this time of year!

I forgot to mention that I was RAOK'd by Jenanne a lovely set of beaded stitch markers! I thanked her personally already, but I wanted to say it publicly too - Thank You!

I have gotten some fun comments on Holiday traditions - it is great learning about what traditions people have and what matters to them this holiday season.

Tonight I have the interview for a sponsorship at a Spa - wish me luck!

I started crocheting the rosettes for my scarf last night - it is going to look really great! I can't wait to post some pictures (Santa if you are reading - I have been pretty good this year and would love that digital camera).

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December already!?!??!!!

Wow - it is Dec. 1st already - where did this year go? I have been resisting this holiday spirit thing, at least until last night. I met a friend at Penn Station last night, we were going for a lite dinner and some girl talk. I got to Penn Sta. at about 4:55, her train was supposed to arrive at 4:59 - well the first thing I hear as I get down there is: "Due to a disabled train outside of Jamaica, we are experiencing 30 minute delays" Great! so I go down to the 7th ave end by McDonald's to wait where I said I would be. There is a guy singing Christmas carols there, at first I was a little annoyed, but the guy had a nice voice and after a while I started to get into it. When Sha finally got there, we decided to walk around a little before going to eat, we walked passed Macy's to see the Polar Express windows. Sha said it is a tradition in her family to read that book every Christmas eve.

That got me thinking - growing up, we didn't really have any holiday traditions (unless you count fighting and complaining as traditions) David and I have sort of created our own traditions. Every year we open our presents to each other way before Christmas ( I know, we are bad!) We also shop for our tree with the boys, they pick it out and I put it up. They boys get to put on all the "special" Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments. I have the only Victorian SciFi tree around! On our Christmas morning (when we have the boys), after opening there gifts I make a special breakfast of Biscuits and gravy, pancakes and bacon. We have been this for years now and it is starting to feel like a tradition. So fellow bloggers, what traditions do you have for the Holidays? I'd love to hear from you.

Back to fibery stuff. I am almost finished with the crochet capelette. I need to wind the last skein tonight. I am ready to start the last pattern for the border and I need to decide if I want to add the beads I bought or not. I also finished the back and fronts of the baby hoodie - I started the sleeves and they are going fast - I love have fast I can crochet - I wish I knit that fast.

I also cast on for a shawl/stole I am thinking of making for my MIL. She is going on a cruise and I thought this would be nice to take. It is made in woolease sport white with a sparkle-y thread running through. I am using a stitch I found in the 365 day perpetual knitters calendar. It is a corded rib - multiple of 4 sts+ 2 for edges. K2tog M1 P2 all rows. It makes a pretty raised rib with a lattice between. I am making it 20" wide on size 10 bamboo needles - I will try to get a picture up soon.

I am also making myself a scarf out of the left over misty from marilyn's poncho. I am doing the turkish stitch on size 17 needles - this is giving me a loose mesh that I plan on adding crochet flowers to around the edges - I found a cute pattern for rosettes on the Lionbrand site. I think this will look great - I saw similar (though not heavy) scarves when we were in Paris.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Goth Mama
You're a witchy woman! Chances are that you see
Morticia Addams as a role model, and your
wardrobe sports a fair amount of black. The
other mothers at school pick up may look
askance, but your kids already know that the
judgement of others isn't what counts.

What kind of a freaky mother are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Of course in my case it would be Goth Step Mother!

I so did not want to come to work today - oh well - I've gotten a lot of paper work done today - I would rather have stayed in bed though! I did bring 2 of on crochet projects with me today - Christian's Hoody and the silk capelet, so I will get some work done on those.

Hope everyone who celebrated had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving....

to everyone. I hope you have much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Yesterday was a good day, for a Monday

I got taken to lunch by one of my sales reps, met with one of his customer's and solved a billing problem, so it was a good day at work! But, best of all - I have an interview at a Spa next week for a sponsorship - I would be able to treat under the Spa's massage license, so I would get lots of practical experience before I take the boards. I have really missed doing massage on a regular basis, so I am really excited!

Here is a quote from an article in today's New York Times :

"At a time when the White House has portrayed Mr. Bush's 3.5-million-vote victory as a mandate, the poll found that Americans are at best ambivalent about Mr. Bush's plans to reshape Social Security, rewrite the tax code, cut taxes and appoint conservative judges to the bench. There is continuing disapproval of Mr. Bush's handling of the war in Iraq, with a plurality now saying it was a mistake to invade in the first place."

OK - so why did they vote for him? And this:

"The poll reflected the electoral feat of the Bush campaign this year. He won despite the fact that Americans disapproved of his handling of the economy, foreign affairs and the war in Iraq. There has been a slight increase in the number of Americans who believe the nation should never have gone into Iraq. A majority of Americans continue to believe the country is going in the wrong direction, traditionally a warning sign for an incumbent."

It does end on the cheery note:

"Finally, in one bit of presumably good news for a party that is looking for it, Americans now have a better opinion of the Democratic Party than of the Republican Party: 54 percent said they had a favorable view of Democrats, compared with 39 percent with an unfavorable view. By contrast, 49 percent have a favorable view of Republicans, compared with 46 percent holding an unfavorable one."

On the knitting/crochet front - I finished the back and left front of the hoodie for my nephew and I did a few more inches on my capelet.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

A quiet Sunday...

is what I am hoping for today. I have been feeling rushed and pulled in so many directions lately I haven't had the chance to just sit and breathe.

Yesterday was a great day though - I volunteered at the Critter Knitters Knit Out at the Museum of Art and Design - what a wonderful place - I had never been there before, but I will definitely be going back - they are doing a fiber arts exhibit now that is really quite amazing. Downstairs where we were is a set of chairs and an ottoman that had been deconstructed thread by thread, and there was a "tapestry" of Brittany Spears that was done with painted acrylic nails! It was so perfect! Talk about the medium being the message. You can see it if you click on the link above then click on the Fiber International 2004 exhibit. The knit out was great too - we were there to teach people to knit and help them make squares that would be pieced together to make blankets for the city's Animal Shelters. People were there from the Crochet Guild also - it was a very large turn out and a whole lot of fun! All the volunteers got lovely thank you gifts too, a pretty candle in a glass holder with a piece of yarn tied around it holding 3 lovely beaded stitch markers. The museum is right across the street form MOMA (you should have seen the lines for the reopening!) at 40 West 53 St - I highly recommend a visit.

The boys are on a camping trip this weekend, I have to pick them up at the church at about 11:30 so that gives me a few hours to knit and do laundry. David will drive them home later.

I am working on a capelet crocheted from some 100% natural hand dyed silk I bought on ebay - this silk is not what I expected - it is matte and kinda stiff almost like linen - the colors are lovely though - it is called amethyst and onyx. I also need to start on the hooded cardigan for my nephew and finish the boys afghans. I have a lot to do - maybe this won't be such a quite Sunday after all.

I should have known better than to ask for a quiet Sunday - went to pick up the boys at the church and the scoutmaster was waiting for me to let me know that the boys were terrible this weekend and that they had gotten into a huge fight this morning packing up their tents. I just don't know what to do - David is at his wit's end. They can't seem to be together for more than a few minutes before they start fighting with each other - it has gotten so much worse since their little brother was born. The scouts are going to ask them to stop coming if they keep up this behavior.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Just another manic Monday

I have been woefully negligent in my posting of late. I have been reading lost of other blogs, but have had nothing to say on mine. Part of it has been the post election blues, part trying to get organized and start preparing for the State Boards in January (I have not looked a my notes or opened a book since August!) and part has been just general ennui. I am trying to shake myself out of this fugue but it is slow going.

I worked on the live lobster poncho this weekend, I had put it down to get Marilyn's poncho finished in time for her birthday. I really enjoyed working on the cables - it was nice to focus on something detailed for a change.

Robert, my stepson, had taken up knitting. He is knitting a square for a charity project at his school. I will take a picture to post soon, he has really done a very good job.

I was too tired to wake up when the alarm went off this morning, jumped out of bed late, missed my bus and generally had a poor start to my week. Here's hoping that the rest of the week is better than today.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Starting over

I almost finished my headband last night - we had a minor flood in the kitchen when DH noticed a leak and went to touch it and his finger went right through the pipe. Thank god my landlord was available and fixed it. So I didn't get as much work done as I wanted - I will finish tonight then I think I will frog the one fingerless glove I have and restart it as this (scroll down) - I really like the cables that Robbyn did.

I also swatched my Peruvian alpaca for this:
I have the yarn in this color:

I used the bamboo needles I picked up at Samurai - they are a thick size 7 or a thin size 8 and I got the perfect gauge with them. I used the swatch to make myself a cell phone cover. I really like this pattern because it is knit in 2 pieces - no separate sleeves to knit! It is in the current Vogue Knitting. I don't know when I will start this as I still have my Christmas knitting to finish, but I doubt I will wait that long.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Another Monday, another WIP

It has been a while since I posted - I was just a bit tired and bummed last week so I didn't do much knitting or crochet. I was also desperately trying to get the forms filed so I can take my licensing exam in Jan. I had put all the paper work away while dealing with moving my mother, when I finally got it out to see what needed to be done I realized I missed the deadline to file, so there I was calling the testing company and NYS and trying to get it all done asap. I was able to register for the exam - had to pay a $50 late fee - then had to scramble to get a passport photo and get the license exam notarized so I could mail that in.

Fortunately Marilyn is a notary - so I went there yesterday and gave her the poncho for her birthday. It looked really good on her! I hope she likes it - I will try to get a picture to post. I finished it late on Sat night and had no film to photogragh it before we left on Sunday. I like the design - I modeled it on this, but used the tulip crochet stitch and a soft bulky wt acrylic, Misty by Red Heart. It is very warm and cozy. I liked it so much I want to make one for me too!

I did a bunch of crochet squares for Robert's afghan I have 12 knit squares in the middle and 16 crochet square in each end so it looks like this:


I think I will do Jeff's a little differently.

Today at lunch - after I finish posting I am going to co for another one of these I made a bunch last winter and I love them. This one is in brown alpaca.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I am feeling very sad today. I don't understand how we American's can be so blind. This is a bad thing for America and for anyone who isn't a conservative, who believes in individual rights and the freedom to think and say and feel what they want. Fear and tunnel vision won this election and I am really afraid of what the future holds.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


While reading blogs this morning I came across this one - Love it - I almost spit out my coffee! And I was Norma's 1000 comment so she is sending me a prize - how cool is that!. Tried to vote this morning but the line was soooo long - I would have been very late for work, so I will go on the way home tonight. I can't stress enough how important it is for every American to vote - it is your right - exercise it.

I was also surfing yarn shops and found out Smiley's has the alpaca on their web for $2.99 a skein. I have the brown heather and will be going back next week to the store to buy more.

Take a look at these - I love what she did to the voodoo pattern - the cable rib is perfect.

I have been having fun with the crochet block book. Last night I finished 2 while watching a special on Genghis Khan on the history channel. I will finish those 2 blankets in time for Christmas. I also made one for my afghan group partner - I was going to knit one and crochet one, but now I think I will crochet both.

Before I sat down to crochet last night, David made me go through all the old records and cassettes I had taken from my mother's after she moved. I think I have one of the best collections of 80's music ever. I found Ian Hunter, Bananarama, Yaz, lots of the Cure, ALL of Elvis Costello's albums (including some rare imports) 999, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe and Rockpile, Squeeze, Spit Enz, Souixsie and the Banshee's, Concrete Blonde, the soundtrack to Party Party and so many more I can't think of right now. Plus my collection of Led Zepplin albums (I still think Robert Plant is the sexiest man ever!) David had never heard of most of them. He is a wonderful man, but has not taste in music - he likes to listen to tv theme music.

Oops - time to get back to work....

Monday, November 01, 2004

Remember to VOTE tomorrow

Did everyone have a good Halloween? It was very quite in my neighborhood. My bell hardly rang at all. The boys are back with their mother on Sunday, so I didn't have to take them Trick or Treating. Good thing I didn't buy much candy or I'd have it in the house all week.

Took the new car out for a short road trip on Saturday - David originally wanted to go to PA, but the weather was so lousy, we just drove out to the Island, got as far as Port Jefferson then headed back so we could get the kids home on time. Stopped at Target and p/u a few more bins for stash storage. I am happy to report that knitting is very comfortable in the Aztek. I still think it is butt ugly, but David is happy and that is all that matters.

Just about finished the 3rd skein of Misty for Marilyn's poncho - I have one more left, but I am thinking that I might need 5 - well see how long it is after I finish this one.

Picked up 200 crochet blocks - cool book - I made a few to add to Robert's blanket - I had knit 9 squares up in his colors and now I want to do 9 in crochet and sew them all together. Then I can do the same for Jeff's.

I also received the new Interweave knits - some really nice stuff in there, but my favorite is the web pattern here. It is done in Filatura Di Crosa Zara but I was thinking Elann has some beautiful Peruvian wool at a very reasonable price - would have to see if that could work.

Remember - VOTE tomorrow!

2nd Post: I found it - I mentioned that I had seen some really beautiful handpainted silk/wool blend yarn and couldn't find the link - well I found it!! Here - isn't this gorgeous!!??!! I want every color!

Did anyone catch Desperate Housewives last night? (I know, but I can't help it - it is a bad habit) I was hysterical - I never realized how threatening knitting could be! No wonder David and the boys don't bother me when I am knitting.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy Friday

Last night David and I went to dinner - We walked out to the car but I/o our little black Vibe this was parked outside! He got a really good deal from the dealership for trading up on his old lease. I really like it because there is a lot more room upfront so knitting while he drives will be much more comfortable. I will try that out this weekend.

Finished the first of the whodovoodoo mitts last night - I did the ribbing on a size 4 and the body on a size 5 and it fits really well - I will start the other one tonight. I want to finish Marilyn's poncho this weekend also - so that is probably what I will take with me on the road trip tmrw.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thursday Thursday Thursday

It's only claim to fame is that it is the day before Friday.

Started the 3rd skein of misty for Marilyn' poncho - should have it finished by next week when we will get together for her Birthday. Almost finished the first of the whodovoodoo mittenettes last night just deciding how far up my fingers I want them to go. I am definitely buying more of that yarn. I think I will be sending it out in a few RAOK's too. It is just lovely stuff!

Once I finish Mar's poncho and the mitts - I am going to cast on the Rowan capelet - it looks like such a pretty design and I love lace.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Happy Anniversary to me!

It was 11 years ago today that I first met David - It was a blind date set up by an old friend of mine from HS. It was also a Wednesday evening and we drove to Little Italy for Dinner, after parking the car and walking to the restaurant (Luna) we ran into on of his friends on patrol - got my first and only ride in a police car that night. We decided to go for a walk after dinner and went over to the WTC - His friend was a Port Authority cop and took us up to the observation deck - this was about 10:30 at night - it was clear and the moon was enormous - I could here van morrison singing "moondance" in my head. It was a perfect night, we were the only 2 people up there (his friend having made a well timed exit) and I KNEW I had found the one. I always wanted to go back to the WTC deck for out future big anniversary's (like last year's 10th) but sadly that is not to be. At least I have the memory.

Back to knitting: Started another pair on mittenettes/wrist warmers out of the Alpaca I bought at Smiley's. They are a combination of this and this - I like the mittenettes but wanted something a little longer. This yarn is so yummy - I love working with it.

NOTE: for some reason the ctrl shift a function is not allowing me to link back to the mittenettes and the voodoo wristwarmers. Anybody know whats up with this?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


If anyone can tell me why half of my side bar is now printing under my posts and how I can fix the @#*% this I would be eternally grateful - this is driving me crazy! And, as I am totally menstral and hormonal at the moment - I am thinking of killing my comp and claiming the PMS defense.

Which Queen are you?

WATER OF FIRE. You are energetic and dramatic. You don't hesitate to take the initiative and aren't normally comfortable being cooped up in the house. You need to be involved in some kind of cause or activity. Your charismatic personality gets you plenty of attention. You'd make a good artist and are very creative. You have a strong will; beware of jealousy or instability. You fiery wench you.
created by Polly Snodgrass.

Not fiber related, but I couldn't resist!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Pictures, we have pictures!

Finally got my pics back so here are a few to show you:
Marilyn's poncho

Live Lobster poncho the first few rows I had done

Urban Autumn - the tree across the street from my apt.
the free gift I got from Rowan
the beaded crochet shawl Marilyn bought for me in Venice.

That should make up for all the pictureless posts of late.

Had a lovely anniversary - found the perfect fall bag and it was on sale so I also got a pink leather purse and copper earrings - very nice! David liked his trains too.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

And now for something completely different

David and I are going shopping when he gets home from work for our anniversary presents - Wednesday is our 11th anniversary - it still boggles the mind that a commitment phobe like me has been in a relationship for 11 years. Every year we take each other shopping to pick out our gift. As usual I am taking him to the hobby store for train stuff, but this year (GASP) I am not going to the yarn store for mine. I am going to Target - I need a new bag and I saw one there that I really like and that is what I am getting.

I also need to get some other things in Target that are not gift worthy, but I need them anyway, like tights and Mr Clean.

Nothing new on the knitting front - Went out to a job related party last night at Strike, it was fun, but I definitely drank too much ( I LOVE ice cold beer ) so WW today was a stayed the same. Didn't have anytime to do any knitting yesterday, I want to work on Marilyn's poncho some more today.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

A bargain found

Went to Smiley's today to get the rest of the yarn for Marilyn poncho and found the most wonderful yarn - Filatura Lanarota Puno 100% ALPACA it is soooooo soft and silky - 90m for $3.99 wow. I bought 2 skeins in a heathery brown to make gloves of some sort. Can't wait to cast this on to my needles. It comes in lovely colors too.

I went to Samurai too, found size 12 bamboo needles, bought a few pair, so they will probably turn up in some future RAOK's. I started a scarf to match the mittlets I made and they feel very nice and smooth.

No sleep for me

It is 3:50 am and I am so not sleeping tonight, so here I am posting and surfing the net. I have been trying to find some absolutely gorgeous silk/wool yarn I read about in someone's blog this week. They were talking about making Clapotis from knitty and gave a link to a yarn shop that had the most beautiful yarn. I thought I book marked it, but I can't find the link. I left a comment about getting some for my birthday - If anyone knows what I am talking about - please drop me a note. I think it was something like $47 for 500 yds and $95 for 1000. I would really love to find it again.

On another note - of the 2 RAOK's I sent last week - it seems only one has arrived. The other one I sent to someone in California. I mailed it out last Wed. I would think it should have gotten there by now. It was a large envelope and went first class mail. I hope it isn't lost - I have no way of tracking it.

I mailed out 3 more pkgs today - one was for a upcoming birthday and 2 were just for fun. I am enjoying trying to pick out things for people I don't really know.

I finished the second mitten tonight - they are really cute - I plan to make another pair out of some other yarn I have in my stash, but I am going to try a smaller needle - I tend to knit loosely and this pair is a little big.

I am going to try to get some sleep now - thank the Goddess I don't have to go to work tmrw.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I needed a distraction last night...

....so I began these. I started them during CSI and finished the first one during the 11:00 news. Fun, easy pattern. I did get a few more inches done on Marilyn's poncho, but I really wanted to knit last night - hence the gloves. I'm making them in a varigated acrylic/wool blend all purples and greens.

I really want to start the Rowan caplet, but I have way too many things in progress right now to start anything larger than those gloves.

Mailing out a few more RAOK's today - just need to get some boxes at the post office later.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I love USPS

When I finally got home last night (after a fun Knitting meet-up), what do I see sticking out of pile o'mail on my kitchen table? A large squishy package from some where in New Hampshire or some such place - exited I tear it open -- and -- yes! -- it is my membership pkg from Rowan International Yippeee!! In it was the Autumn/Winter Newsletter, Rowan 36, sale notices and my free welcoming gift in case you don't remember - 5 balls of Cork in snuggle and the caplet pattern - which is much much prettier when you can see the details. I had an old, almost used up disposable camera - so I snapped a few pics and took it to Duane Reade today, so I should have lots of pics to post Monday. I love Rowan patterns and am so happy this came.

In the same pile of mail was the new Vogue Knitting. I really like all the metallic yarns they used, but don't know what they would be like to knit with. I love the first corset pattern and the bronze swing jacket. It is made in Needful yarns Sinflex, I tried to google for it but didn't come up with anything. The issue is also FULL of ponchos - so if you haven't had your fill yet, here are a whole bunch more! There is also a blue bulky coat I want badly made in Rowan's big wool. There is even a bunch of felted projects. I am pleased with this issue.

Got about 2' done on Mar's poncho last night - I need to pick up 2 more skeins this weekend and I should have it done in time for her birthday!

Now if I can just find someone to clean my house for me - life would be perfect.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Knit meet up tonight...

...but I am bringing my crochet. I started the birthday poncho for Marilyn last night - after much swatching and yarn debates and pattern searches, I decided to crochet a ponch out of Red Heart Misty (no cringing now) I think it is discontinued, but Smiley's had lots and it was not expensive, is very, very soft and totally easy care - Mar is not a had wash kind of gal. I picked a stitch out of the Crochet Bible - I recommend this book highly - and started last night. I am making your basic 2 rectangle poncho. It feels really soft and snuggly - I think she is really going to like it.

I mailed out my 2 sets of afghan squares, I did one knit and one crochet each. These are such fun little projects. I also picked out who will get the next RAOKs - I should be able to get these out Friday. I will be doing a Hollowe'en theme for the pkgs.

Now before my lunch is over I am going to work some more on the poncho.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2 for 2sday II

See even 2 posts today! I forgot to mention before that I also received 2 books in the mail - The Crochet Stitch Bible and Hip to Crochet. I admit I bought the last one because I saw the author at Knit Out NY wearing the mohair capelet and I have to have it so - I bought it. I am quite pleased with both of them.

It has been so cold here I decided I want to make these - they will be perfect and I love the name.

2 for 2sday

I am getting ready to send out 2 more RAOK's this week - this is so much fun, I really love sending out these little bits of cheer. Susan received my first one - it was great to her how much she liked it!

Today I also have 2 sets of afghan squares that have to be mailed. I still have 2 more loads of laundry waiting to be done - I live in a perpetual state of CHAOS - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome (thanks Alyx ), I have to sew on merit badges for the 2 boys - do I see a trend here......

I worked on the afghan squares last night - of course I deleted the folder with the addresses of the recipients, so I have to email and ask for them again - I have done this before.

Oh and here is another quiz:

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by

Monday, October 18, 2004

I don't like Mondays

And while I have never shot anyone because of it - I really don't like Mondays. Weekends on the other hand I rather enjoy. This weekend especially. Despite being totally broke (see Friday's post) I had a great weekend.

Saturday, I met my girlfriend Sharon for lunch to celebrate her passing the state boards. Then we did what we do best - shopping! Or at least she shopped, I enabled. Afterwards it was back to her condo where we proceeded to talk till 1:30 in the morning. Now Sharon lives in the nether reaches of Suffolk county and it is over an hour drive from her place to mine, but thanks to the lack of traffic on the LIE I made it home in just about an hour.

On Sunday, I did laundry and waited for David to come home from camping, poor man - he really is too old to be sleeping on the floor of a tent. I may have to buy him an air mattress for Christmas. Once he was home safe and sound, I drove over to Marilyn's to see her vacation pix - she and her hubby went to Rome, Florence and Venice. It was almost the same trip David and I took, except we couldn't go to Venice because of flooding, so we just stayed in Rome and Florence for an extra couple of Days each. It was fun looking at her pictures - some where almost identical to pictures we had taken. She brought me back a lovely ruana from Florence and beautiful beaded crochet shawl in Venice. She was laughing, after she bought the shawl, she realized it had a tag that said made in China. I told her it was bought it Venice - that' s all that matters.

Obviously I did no knitting this weekend - but it was lovely just spending time with my girlfriends. What with life always getting in the way - it was nice to have some me time with my friends!

I have dropped off a roll of film and as soon as I get it back I will have pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2004

100 Things

I finished my list of 100 things about me. Man was that hard! It took me days to come up with the info, not that I am boring or anything ( no, really) - I just have never tried to quantify myself before.

This should be a good knitting weekend - I am broke, so I can't really do anything. David and the boys are camping - they leave tonight - once I get back, I will have the whole weekend free to knit.

I also need to clear out my summer clothes and get out the winter stuff. I always love doing that.

Down and out in Forest Hills

Aaarrrggghhh! Due to an error on my part and an oversite by my supervisor - I am not getting paid this week. Nothing, nada, zilch. I will get paid double next week, but that does nothing to help me this week.

On a happier note, I mailed out my first 2 RAOK's on Wednesday, hopefully they will arrive with no problems. I put small pieces of Godiva chocolate in each package. Nothing like chocolate to make you feel better!

I heard from my best bud from school - she passed the licensing exam and is now an LMT. We are supposed to out this weekend to celebrate. I will have to see. I can't wait to take the boards, but my exam is not until January and by the time I get the results it will be March! That seems a very long time away.

Got another couple of inches done on the lobster poncho. I am liking it a lot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mid week slump

I have really not gotten anything done this week, no knitting, no pictures, no getting my stash organized - nothing. So I finally forced myself to get moving on something and today I mailed out my first RAOK - this way at least I am doing something for someone else. I can't wait till the person receives it. I am not naming names so as not to spoil any surprises. I have a bunch of stuff to send out to other people - I am just trying to make sure what I send it something that will be wanted.

Now I just need to get knitting again!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Calling all cooks

On the FiberRAOK list, one of the members Elizabeth is putting together a knitting bloggers cookbook. She is looking for recipes from other bloggers, check out her website and send in a recipe! I sent in mine for escarole with white beans and sausage. Take a look and send a recipe.

We have been going through an audit at work so I have been very busy and not knitting much these last few days, I also have 2 RAOK's to be mailed out, but couldn't get out to the post office today - I will get them out tmrw.

Tonight I want to get more work done on my lobster poncho - I really love Cottage Craft yarn - I can't wait for my color card to come.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Divine musings on a Monday

Last week someone on the ROAK list mentioned looking for a Knitting Goddess, and since Goddess issues are close to my heart, I decided to do a little research. One of the Goddesses I found is the Egyptian Goddess Neith which I found really interesting because of her connection to Hathor - A Goddess I am particularly drawn to. If anyone has their own Knitting Goddess, drop me a note - I'd be interested in learning more about Her.

On the knitting front - I got to RedLipstick way to early yesterday, so I took my knitting and went over to Blue Sky Bakery for coffee. I didn't do any knitting there but I enjoyed my cuppa. It was such a beautiful day so I sat outside and knit till 2:00 when the book signing was starting. If you are in Brooklyn, you should stop at this shop. Stacyjoy had some really lovely things here. I was working on my lobster poncho - I am really loving the cable pattern. I find I enjoy complicated patterns more that just simple knitting.

I brought my FFF Isis scarf to work with me today. I won 2 ball of this on eBay and it is making a very pretty drop stitch scarf.

Well my lunch is over so it is back to work for me.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday in the Park (Slope) with Amy

Went down to Red Lipstick for the Knit Wit book signing with Amy Singer. Some if the patterns are from knitty.com, like Kyoto, others are new. It is spiral bound and you can stand it up while you work from it. I love the denim skirt pattern - I would definitely wear that. Staceyjoy served this really delicious Mexican hot chocolate made with dried chili pepper, cinnamon and Mexican chocolate - yummy! Amy was wearing a beautiful silk Charlotte shawl - the one from her blog - it is really gorgeous in person.

All in all, a very good day.

Friday, October 08, 2004


I got ROAK's this morning! Annie sent me 2 free audio books - I think this great - I can listen while I knit and combine 2 hobbies in one. Thanks Annie.

I'm at lunch now, so I am blogging and working on a crochet hat & booties for Mary's (David's ex and mother to my stepsons) new baby boy. I want to have the blanket, hat & booties down by the time we take the kids home Sat night.

I think I might head down to Red Lipstick on Sunday for Amy Singer's book signing. I wonder if I can buy the book there - or should I stop at B&N tmrw and pick it up first.

Back to work.............

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Hi, My name is Colette and I am a fiberholic

There is so much yarn all over my apartment - I am seriously considering renting storage space. The only thing holding me back is that once I had all that room - I would go out and buy more yarn.

I finally found a pattern for the Oxford yarn I got at elann -

My yarn is a rust tweed sport wt that I think will be perfect for this sweater. I found the pattern at One Fine Yarn - I really like shopping there - they are always helpful and respond to your emails very quickly. I was asking about Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number Two because I have gotten the urge to do Klaralund and wanted the pattern. They don't have it in stock right now, but I found the sweater so - I am happy.

Decided to crochet the baby blanket for David's ex - I crochet much faster than I knit and I need it done this weekend.

Work is progressing on the Lopi poncho - hope to have pix soon.

A quick question - what is the best way to respond to people who leave comments? I can't email them back when I get the email comment- do most people comment back or mention their respone in their blog? I want to thank everyone who left me comments - I get so excited when someone leaves one - You like me you really like me.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I love Autumn

What a perfect day for wearing knits. It was only 50F when I left the house this morning. I put on an old Icelandic sweater and my diamond lace shawl and shivered at the bus stop this morning. I need to finish taking out my winter clothes and putting away the summer stuff. I really love this weather - I just don't want it to get much colder - I love sweater weather, not coat/hat/scarf/shawl/gloves & mittens/frost bite weather like we had last winter.

I completed the first cable repeat on the lopi poncho last night. I really love the Cottage Craft yarn - I requested a color card on their yarn as they do not show them on the website. The Live Lobster really is the color of a live lobster - it is sort of green and brown with flecks of red and olive. This yarn blooms beautifully and gets really soft - though it is a little stiff while you are knitting it. This poncho will be so much warmer that the lacy one.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Poncho pictures

Well here they are my crocheted Posh Poncho: and the Lacy Poncho:

These are pretty lousy pictures, but you can get an idea. (also please ignore the mess in the boys room - it was the only place I could stand that David was far enugh away to snap a pic).

I started another one tonight from Lopi made from stash cottage craft yarn in live lobster - great color - strange name.

Lack of pix

Sorry I didn't post pix last night - my camera batteries were dead. David plugged the charger in last night - so I will take lots of pictures tonight and post them. We have a video camera that takes digital stills - not the best pictures but till I get a real digital camera, it will have to do.

My mailman left this pattern for me yesterday: C'est la vie - I have the variegated yarn I bought in Idaho for the edging - I just need to find a coordinating yarn for the main color.

I am really thinking I would like to do more beading. I just ordered Lily Chin's new book and looking around the internet - I want to make these - and I found them on the MMoA website.

That's all I need - another hobby!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Happy Monday

Yes - it is - that is not an oxymoron.

I was added to the FiberROAK list this weekend and already got ROAK'd: an ecard from Steph wishing me a Happy Monday (see!) and a gift cert for Adagio Teas from Lisa Y. So you see - not crazy (well yeah ok - not wrong) about the Happy Monday.

Wore the lacy poncho to Knit Out NY yesterday - very very happy with this - will get David to take digital pix tonight to post. The knitout was fun - saw lots of beautiful knit and crochet sweaters, ponchos, scarves on everyone there. Also saw some beautiful yarns at the retail tables. There is a new yarn store opening up in Brooklyn I will have to check out called Yarnivore that is only about 5 miles from my house and they have open knitting on Friday nights. They had this really beautiful hemp/wool yarn by dzined that I have never seen in person, now that I have I want some - oh yes I do. Well lunch is over so back to work (no not happy).

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lacy Poncho Done!

11:30 last night - washed and blocked. Yeah! I have to finish lining the drawers in my mother's kitchen and putting away the rest of the stuff there, then I can come home sew it together and finish the neck then it is off to Knit Out NY.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blaze-ing forward

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make this so I joined the KAL (see the button) Now all I have to decide is what yarn. I am leaning towards Schoeller Esslinger Geisha from elann.com in this color: Merlot. It is an aran weight so I would have to swatch to see if I can get gauge.

I also joined Rowan International, I've been wanting to for a while but kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money, but when I saw that this was the gift for joining I just had to do it!

Last night I got a few more pattern repeats done on the Lacy Poncho - I want to have it done so I can wear it to the Knit Out this Sunday.

PS Thanks to Renee and Anna for the blog help!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No time to knit

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - my mother has to move out of her apt. and I have been busy packing and cleaning and getting things done, so no time to knit!

I wore the posh poncho to my nephew's birthday on Saturday - I really like the way it came out (will post pix soon) but it was a little too warm to keep it on all afternoon. I took my mags bag to work on during the drive there - finished the bottom and am now knitting up the sides in the round - I hope I like it as much as the pattern pic.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Thursday form Hell

I walked out my front door yesterday to get my car and head out to work, only one problem though - yup - my car was gone. Ok don't panic - walk up and down the block, maybe I didn't park it across the street. No - it is gone. Ok sinking feeling in stomach remembering unpaid parking tkt. Run inside call 311 - yes a car with your plate # was towed by the city marshall. You need to pay your life savings to get it back. Get David to drive me over to the marshal's office - WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
Go home cursing and complaining - listening to David say I told you so.

Get up early this morning - go to bank - empty out account - pay marshal and get car back.

Did finish the posh poncho inbetween though - will wear it on Saturday and post pics soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Under the weather and behind on the knitting

I am feeling really awful, lousy head cold - didn't do any knitting or crocheting last night. My sinuses were so swollen my teeth hurt. I plan to work on my poncho tonight - the crochet one - because I don't think I can handle 2 needles right now.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Bad Knitting Night

Arrrggghhhhh! Last night I had to rip out over 3 inches of my poncho - I realized I had a glaring mistake- one that had to be corrected - so rip rip rip. Of course I couldn't get my rhythm back and got nothing accomplished, I still have more than half to do. I don't think it will be finished by Saturday. Maybe I can crochet a loose lacy one like the Posh Poncho on crochet pattern central - large hook and bulky yarn and I could finish it in time. We shall see.

I crocheted one hat for Gilda's club - I want to finish at least one more to send off.

I wish there was a training class for bloggers - I see so many cool things on other blogs that I wish I could do and don't know how, like how to create a link in the text to pictures or web sites or a works in progress page, or how to create a button. Someday - it only took me months to figure out how to post pictures soooo........

Saturday, September 18, 2004

What a perfect day to stay in and knit! It has been raining steadily all morning and is supposed to continue all day. I want to work on my felt bag and get as much done on the poncho as possible. I may not even get dressed today! Of course the kids are restless - I will have to figure out something to keep them occupied, but otherwise this should be a really good day.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Had a great time at the meetup last night! It was fun to actually have people to talk to about knitting. I usually get the "yeah whatever" looks from friends and family when I start waxing poetic about the joys of yarn. I will definitely go to the next one.

There were 2 other knitters there that lived in Queens, so we walked to the Lex Ave E train together, as we were standing on the platform, a woman walked over and asked if we had been at the meetup. She had seen us in the Atrium at CitiCorp. We said yes, she wanted to know if there were any in Queens, which was funny, because we were talking about wanting to start on up in the Forest Hills area. We exchanged emails and hopefully we can get something started! If anyone out there is interested, contact me.

I got six pattern repeats done on the poncho - I really need to push this if I want to wear it next weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I finished my crochet ponchette last night! It looks really cute - I wore it to work today, I just wish I would have had a little more yarn - it keeps my shoulders warm, but my arms are still cold. I will post pix asap.

Tonight is the knitting meetup - it will be the first time I will be able to go. I am really looking forward to meeting other knitters! I brought my lacy poncho - I have to get a move on it - it needs to be finished this week if I intend to wear it next weekend and I need to work on the felted purse to go with it. Hopefully I can get a lot done tonight- I work right by CitiCorp where we are meeting at 7:00 - I get out of work at 4:30 so I will grab a bite to eat and go sit in B&N and knit till meeting time! Hope it does not rain - it is looking very dreary out there.

Monday, September 13, 2004

It was a lovely weekend! I finished the first rectangle of the Lacy Poncho - it is blocking in the kids room now - I love the way it looks and the peace fleece blooms so beautifully - I hope the cooler weather comes soon! I started the 2nd rectangle last night, I finished 3 pattern repeats only 22 more to go!

When I got home on Friday my pattern orders had arrived - I got the Kensington shawl from Threadbear and the the felted bag pattern from magsbags that I bought from knittingzone. I bought this pattern to make a bag to go with my poncho - isn't it cute?

I went to smiley's on Saturday and bought Patons Classic Wool in Ocean which matched the color of the peace fleece perfectly. I also bought some other wool in raspberry and slate blue to make stripes and a lilac color - similar to the one in the picture for the contrast trim. This will be my first felting project and I didn't want to spend the money on Kuryeon because I am not sure I will like using a felted bag.

I am in love with the new issue of knitty! I want, no I need! the blaze sweater. I watched the season premier of Charmed last night - I could use those extra arms to finish all my knitting!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Last night was the pefect evening to sit home and knit - it rained all day and most of the night. I snuggled on the sofa with my lacey poncho - channel 618 on cable (music choice adult alternative) and got another 5 pattern repeats done. Just 5 more and I will be finished with the first rectange. You might wonder why I watch music i/o listening to the radio? Well there is nothing on the radio in NY any more - at least on any station I can get! Unless I want to listen to the same songs over and over all day long, my best choice is watching cable.

I think I have a yarn gremlin - I started to crochet the poncho out of some UYO I had in my stash - now I KNOW I had 1 large hand wound ball made when I frogged whatever I was originally using it for, plus at least 2 started skeins and 1 full skein. Now all I can find other than the ball is one stared skein. If I don't find the rest of the yarn, I will have to find something that will work with this, maybe in a denim blue. I really want to find that yarn. ( You don't thing the other yarns could have caniblized it? I always suspected them of breeding in the dark - but yarnicide - never!)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What a miserable morning, I was soaked by the time I got to work. I was afraid my knitting back was getting drenched, especially since I was carrying a new project - I always have a new project! I started crocheting a poncho last night, I had a Dr. apt and I know her waiting area is always packed and I wanted to bring a project that I could do standing if I had to. I found some unidentified yarn (UYO) in my stash - it is a pale blue with a cream colored slubs - mostly acrylic, but very pretty. I think I bought it in Woolworths a 100 years ago. I am using this pattern:
but I modified it so that I am only using 1 strand of yarn not two - I didn't want it too bulky - I like the shorter length and I think it will look really good with jeans and boots this fall. I don't think I am doing the pom poms either. You can go to the pattern by clicking on the link below.

My lacy poncho is coming along really nicely - I love the peace fleece I am using, I hope to finish the first rectangle this week. I want to have it finished by the 25th so I can wear it to my nephew's birthday party.

I found the cutest buttons for the hoody I am planning to knit him for Christmas - little red teddy bears wearing bright gold scarves! The yarn I have picked out is a deep midnight blue - I think these buttons will be perfect. I got them in one of my favorite stores - Samurai on Queen's Blvd - it's a Japanese $0.99 store - they have all these cute gadgets and housewears, stationary, knitting,crochet and sewing stuff and it is almost all under $5. I always come out of there with a bag full of stuff. Of course all the labels are in Japanese, so half the fun is figuring out what some of the stuff is!

Oh boy - the mail man just arrived! My order from elann is here- the peruvian alpaca and Filatura di Crosa oxford - they are soooo much prettier in person. I also got the book I ordered from Amazon, "Jewels of the Pharaohs" - I have been wanting to do some beading and I love all things Egyption, so I thought this would be a good resource - I already have some ideas brewing in my mind (speaking of brewing - I need more coffee!)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I fixed it!!!! I was really unhappy about how my ponshawl turned out and I wasn't sure what to do about it. I finally decided to bite the bullet and cut an opening for my head in the square, and with great fear and trepidation that is what I did - and it worked!!!! I love it!!

I folded it in half marked off where I wanted the neck to be, ran a life line all around - sniped the yarn picked up my stitches and knit 5 rows in the round to make the neck edging and voila! I now have really cool square poncho. I think I want the back a little longer so I am going to knit a few inches in the green wool as a border, but otherwise it is perfect.

Picked up Interweave Crochet yestersay - some very cute things in there - I particularly like the caplet - I have some unknown stash yarn that would be perfect for this. Opps there goes the oven alarm - the birthday cake is ready!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Finally Friday! I am really looking foward to this long weekend. David's birthday is Sunday, so we are going out to dinner and I promised him a cake. I am going to do nothing but knit, crochet and bake a cake.

Started this pattern last night from Chicknits:

in this yarn:
Peace Fleece "DK" sport Yarn in seamoss

I also ordered the Kensington Poncho from Threadbear today - I will have ponchos this fall!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Well I finished the ponshawl last night - unfortunately it is more of a pon-blanket then shawl! The stitch pattern is stretching more widthwise then length wise so even though I knit a rectangle - I got a square! No biggee though - I love the way it looks and feels, so now I have a great blanket for those cold winter nights when I sit in front of the tv knitting. I am going to try this again in a different yarn - only this time I will knit it much narrower and longer so if there is any stretch it won't end up a square.

I saw this really cool pattern on MagKnits - it is for a sweatshirt with a knitted yoke - you actually cut off the yoke on the sweatshirt and knit on a new one. If you click on the Link below it will take you to the pattern, there are some really great patterns there including a poncho.

After my earlier rant about the RNC, I am surprised to say that my commute this week has been very very easy. If fact it has taken me less time to get to and from work than usual. Of course half the city is closed and everybody that could took vacation this week, but still getting home in a 1/2 hour is fantastic. Of course I don't have as much knitting time on the bus, but I get lots more at home.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Spent most of my lunch hour shopping on line today. Bought 2 patterns at One Fine Yarn by Natalie Wilson of InKnitiative 1 is for Dottie a cool kinda retro cardigan and New Century Poncho Pullover a poncho/top which I think I can live in! Then I went to elann.com and picked up some more yarn - I don't have anywhere to put this yarn, but that didn't stop me! I ordered some Peruvian alpaca to go with the fun fur I got such a bargain on. I also bought Filatura Di Crosa Oxford in Albany - this looks soooo pretty!

Here are a few more pix from my vacation:

why DID the buffalo cross the road?

not the best picture, but it is the only one of all of us - at the Lower Falls in Yellowstone

Last one - driving through Grand Teton Nat'l Park

(if you want to see anymore click on the LINK below!)

Monday, August 30, 2004

2nd post in one day! I fixed the weirdness with my blog and corrected all my typo's - someday I will learn to type. Well I am off to finish another square and maybe my ponshawl tonight bye...
I seem to be under a computer black cloud - my computer at home has all these trojon programs on it I have to reformat it, I couldn't open any pdf files on David's yesterday and I tried several times to post here and it just would not work and now I want to add some pix - vacation and knitting stuff and photobucket keeps coming up server not found - bummer!

Had a great weekend tho' - Saturday I went to lunch & shopping with my best friend, Marilyn. Before meeting I stopped at Smiley's to pick out some sample yarns for the poncho she wants - decided on Encore DK in a dark sage, medium sage and pale sage held together - it looked really pretty - Marilyn loved the combo and at $1.99 each I won't blow my whole budget.

I bought some other goodies too, including a perpetual stitch a day calendar and a really funky olive green mock crock bag for fall - to go with all the green things I am knitting like this:

this is my ponshawl when I first started it - I am almost done now I love the way it looks!
This is what it should look like when I am done sewing it together:

This is the edging I did for the stole in Ritratta - it's from Knitting on the Edge

One last picture for today:

My happy family on vacation - If you click on the link below you should be able to see some
more of my vacation pix - if you are so inclined!

Oh and I found yesterday post and got it to print - yeah! I think I my be getting a handle on this blog thing!