Thursday, October 21, 2004

I love USPS

When I finally got home last night (after a fun Knitting meet-up), what do I see sticking out of pile o'mail on my kitchen table? A large squishy package from some where in New Hampshire or some such place - exited I tear it open -- and -- yes! -- it is my membership pkg from Rowan International Yippeee!! In it was the Autumn/Winter Newsletter, Rowan 36, sale notices and my free welcoming gift in case you don't remember - 5 balls of Cork in snuggle and the caplet pattern - which is much much prettier when you can see the details. I had an old, almost used up disposable camera - so I snapped a few pics and took it to Duane Reade today, so I should have lots of pics to post Monday. I love Rowan patterns and am so happy this came.

In the same pile of mail was the new Vogue Knitting. I really like all the metallic yarns they used, but don't know what they would be like to knit with. I love the first corset pattern and the bronze swing jacket. It is made in Needful yarns Sinflex, I tried to google for it but didn't come up with anything. The issue is also FULL of ponchos - so if you haven't had your fill yet, here are a whole bunch more! There is also a blue bulky coat I want badly made in Rowan's big wool. There is even a bunch of felted projects. I am pleased with this issue.

Got about 2' done on Mar's poncho last night - I need to pick up 2 more skeins this weekend and I should have it done in time for her birthday!

Now if I can just find someone to clean my house for me - life would be perfect.


DAWN said...

Mail days like that are the greatest! Are you gonna post a pic of the poncho when its complete? I'd love to see. By the way, there are no such things as 'house cleaning fairies'-- I've checked into this. Sweet spouses and children in want of something are the closest things out there (hee hee)~DAWN

Colette said...

no fairies? foo - I was really hoping. Maybe I can bribe the kidlets this weekend!