Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy Friday

Last night David and I went to dinner - We walked out to the car but I/o our little black Vibe this was parked outside! He got a really good deal from the dealership for trading up on his old lease. I really like it because there is a lot more room upfront so knitting while he drives will be much more comfortable. I will try that out this weekend.

Finished the first of the whodovoodoo mitts last night - I did the ribbing on a size 4 and the body on a size 5 and it fits really well - I will start the other one tonight. I want to finish Marilyn's poncho this weekend also - so that is probably what I will take with me on the road trip tmrw.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


DAWN said...

Wow, cool vehicle! Is it blue like the photo?

Colette said...

Yup - it is exactly like the photo.