Friday, October 15, 2004

Down and out in Forest Hills

Aaarrrggghhh! Due to an error on my part and an oversite by my supervisor - I am not getting paid this week. Nothing, nada, zilch. I will get paid double next week, but that does nothing to help me this week.

On a happier note, I mailed out my first 2 RAOK's on Wednesday, hopefully they will arrive with no problems. I put small pieces of Godiva chocolate in each package. Nothing like chocolate to make you feel better!

I heard from my best bud from school - she passed the licensing exam and is now an LMT. We are supposed to out this weekend to celebrate. I will have to see. I can't wait to take the boards, but my exam is not until January and by the time I get the results it will be March! That seems a very long time away.

Got another couple of inches done on the lobster poncho. I am liking it a lot.


alice said...

i just found out yesterday that i'm now fully licensed too! that wait took for EVER, i tell ya.

i'm going out with friends tonight to celebrate, then family tomorrow. and i have three job interviews next week! best of luck to you, by the way. time will just fly ;)

alice said...

oh i meant to add, we're partying in setauket (suffolk county, right by USB) tonight, you're welcome to join us! just email me :) brokedown_tiger at