Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Knit meet up tonight...

...but I am bringing my crochet. I started the birthday poncho for Marilyn last night - after much swatching and yarn debates and pattern searches, I decided to crochet a ponch out of Red Heart Misty (no cringing now) I think it is discontinued, but Smiley's had lots and it was not expensive, is very, very soft and totally easy care - Mar is not a had wash kind of gal. I picked a stitch out of the Crochet Bible - I recommend this book highly - and started last night. I am making your basic 2 rectangle poncho. It feels really soft and snuggly - I think she is really going to like it.

I mailed out my 2 sets of afghan squares, I did one knit and one crochet each. These are such fun little projects. I also picked out who will get the next RAOKs - I should be able to get these out Friday. I will be doing a Hollowe'en theme for the pkgs.

Now before my lunch is over I am going to work some more on the poncho.

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