Monday, October 11, 2004

Divine musings on a Monday

Last week someone on the ROAK list mentioned looking for a Knitting Goddess, and since Goddess issues are close to my heart, I decided to do a little research. One of the Goddesses I found is the Egyptian Goddess Neith which I found really interesting because of her connection to Hathor - A Goddess I am particularly drawn to. If anyone has their own Knitting Goddess, drop me a note - I'd be interested in learning more about Her.

On the knitting front - I got to RedLipstick way to early yesterday, so I took my knitting and went over to Blue Sky Bakery for coffee. I didn't do any knitting there but I enjoyed my cuppa. It was such a beautiful day so I sat outside and knit till 2:00 when the book signing was starting. If you are in Brooklyn, you should stop at this shop. Stacyjoy had some really lovely things here. I was working on my lobster poncho - I am really loving the cable pattern. I find I enjoy complicated patterns more that just simple knitting.

I brought my FFF Isis scarf to work with me today. I won 2 ball of this on eBay and it is making a very pretty drop stitch scarf.

Well my lunch is over so it is back to work for me.

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