Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Poncho pictures

Well here they are my crocheted Posh Poncho: and the Lacy Poncho:

These are pretty lousy pictures, but you can get an idea. (also please ignore the mess in the boys room - it was the only place I could stand that David was far enugh away to snap a pic).

I started another one tonight from Lopi made from stash cottage craft yarn in live lobster - great color - strange name.


Ellen said...

Beautiful ponchos!
You look gawjuss!!
So how was the Knit-Out?
I heard lots of negative comments about it, due to overcrowding.

FaerieLady said...

Wow, your ponchos look good! Live lobster? I wonder who in the world would come up with a name like that... --Kae

Anonymous said...

Oh, Colette, love your ponchos. I like to switch between knitting and crocheting too. Thanks for posting the pics.

Julie- from AK