Friday, October 08, 2004


I got ROAK's this morning! Annie sent me 2 free audio books - I think this great - I can listen while I knit and combine 2 hobbies in one. Thanks Annie.

I'm at lunch now, so I am blogging and working on a crochet hat & booties for Mary's (David's ex and mother to my stepsons) new baby boy. I want to have the blanket, hat & booties down by the time we take the kids home Sat night.

I think I might head down to Red Lipstick on Sunday for Amy Singer's book signing. I wonder if I can buy the book there - or should I stop at B&N tmrw and pick it up first.

Back to work.............


Ellen said...

I'm so jealous!
Please say hi to Staceyjoy and Amy if you get to go.
Have fun!

staceyjoy said...

You can get Knit Wit at RedLipstick for $16., that's exactly what it'll cost if you ordered it from Amazon. Looking forward to meeting you! Hope you can make it!