Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I love Autumn

What a perfect day for wearing knits. It was only 50F when I left the house this morning. I put on an old Icelandic sweater and my diamond lace shawl and shivered at the bus stop this morning. I need to finish taking out my winter clothes and putting away the summer stuff. I really love this weather - I just don't want it to get much colder - I love sweater weather, not coat/hat/scarf/shawl/gloves & mittens/frost bite weather like we had last winter.

I completed the first cable repeat on the lopi poncho last night. I really love the Cottage Craft yarn - I requested a color card on their yarn as they do not show them on the website. The Live Lobster really is the color of a live lobster - it is sort of green and brown with flecks of red and olive. This yarn blooms beautifully and gets really soft - though it is a little stiff while you are knitting it. This poncho will be so much warmer that the lacy one.

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