Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2 for 2sday II

See even 2 posts today! I forgot to mention before that I also received 2 books in the mail - The Crochet Stitch Bible and Hip to Crochet. I admit I bought the last one because I saw the author at Knit Out NY wearing the mohair capelet and I have to have it so - I bought it. I am quite pleased with both of them.

It has been so cold here I decided I want to make these - they will be perfect and I love the name.

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IndigoMuse said...

I love your cafe nation link. Good luck with CORE and freezing your batters. I know that it works with my cake batters so I can assume that it will work with the cookie doughs. I'm going to scoop and freeze them so that all I have to do is grab a few dough balls out of a ziploc, plop them on the pan and bake away. Talk about efficient :)