Saturday, April 30, 2005

Warning! Picture Heavy Post

Well I am back from the Fleece Festival, and as usual is was loads of fun - even if the weather was uncooperative. We were set up inside in one of the animal Bldgs. There were weavers
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
and people learning to spin
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Ball Felting
Image hosted by
and finger knitting (my table)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
This young lady was enjoying the finger knitting so much she ended up with about 25' of fabric!
This is my original design
Image hosted by
All of the yarn and equipment was supplied by The Yarn Tree in Williamsburg.

This is a sheep and a sheep shorn
Image hosted by
And of course I couldn't resist the alpacas - they are such hams!
Image hosted by

All in all a good time was had by all - if you can check it out tomorrow!

How bad to wet barnyards smell anyway?

Today I am volunteering at The Prospect Zoo Fleece Festival - I did it last year and really had a lot of fun - unfortunately this year it is raining. If you don't mind getting wet (and the afore mentioned barnyard smell) stop by with your kids or the neighbor's kids and check it out.

Next week is the MS&W Festival - I am so psyched for this - I couldn't go to Rhinebeck so I have been planning this for a while. If anyone else is going and would like to meet up - drop me a note - the bus is supposed to get us there at 11:oo.

Gotta go David needs the computor!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Third time lucky

Third post this week! I just have a few pics I want to show:

First - my totally adorable nephew Christian - sucking lemons
Image hosted by
I wish you could have seen his face all puckered!

Next - yesterday was Admin Professional Day and I received this
Image hosted by
It's amazing how flowers brighten up a space.

And, lastly a sneak peak of my last crochetville swap scarf
Image hosted by
I think it looks pretty good - imho

I also received my reveal package from my crocheteville SP - it wasn't really a reveal cause I knew who she was - she sent some lovely blue mohair and the great hand made beads - I can't wait to make a necklace and show it off - I will post pictures later, after lunch I need to find out about arranging a paint ball match as a team bldg activity during our District Sales Meeting.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

easy peasy wednesday

Both of my bosses are at a meeting today so it has been unusually quite in the office. I thought I would take a few moments to post. I finally mailed out Angela's squares yesterday so she should get them soon. I feel really bad about how long it took me to get them to her.

I found a UFO in the bottom of my closet this morning while searching for something to wear to work today - it is a lovely wrap I started last year and never finished. I seem to have more and more of those lately.

I found this in my favorite catalog today (told you it was slow at the office. I want to make this - so kind readers - if you have seen a pattern similar to this gorgeous thing please let me know where!

I have a dentist 's appt tonight after work - I brought my second crochetville swap scarf with me to work on in the waiting room. I really need to finish this so I can get it out to my swap buddy. I was going to make the beaded scarf out of scarf style but I have ripped out more than I crocheted and at this rate, she wouldn't receive her scarves till somewhere around the turn of the next century - so I picked a very pretty stitch and some lovely cotton yarn and I am making her a different pc, I just hope she likes them.


Monday, April 25, 2005

Stuff and such & MS&W

Pagan Extraordinaire
You are 90% Paganism Expert!
You know Paganism like the back of your hand! Maybe you even attended a few rituals, or organized some of your own. You understand how special this religion is, and keep it close to your heart. You know that it's the most ancient religion in the world, and you want to get back to your roots. Merry meet again! border=0>
Link: sitakali on The Paganism Test written by Ok Cupid

Is anyone going to MS&W - I can't wait!

If anyone is going to be around Brooklyn next week end the Prospect Park Zoo is having it's annual Fleece Fest - I volunteered again this year to show kids how to knit - stop buy if you can - it is lots of fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mid Week Update

Clever title, huh?

I have promised to be a better blogger and post more, so here I am, posting. I still haven't done anymore knitting, but I picked out some wonderful buttons for the button swap - when I decide who is getting what I will post pics.

Since I have no knitting pics - I thought I would show you my new office, or at least the window in my office:
Image hosted by
I have a lovely view of the parking lot.
On my bulletin board, I have this to perk me up when I am feeling low:
Image hosted by
I really love this - I have to thank Angela again for it - He always makes me smile! (and Angela, if you are reading this - I still have your squares - I messed up at the PO but will be sending them to you this weekend, plus some other goodies to make up for my rudeness taking so long to mail them out!)

I got an email yesterday from someone on the SnB NYC yahoo group - she was trying to match a crochet stitch from a sweater she had. This is the stitch she was looking for:
Image hosted by
and this is the stitch I found in a stitch directory:
Image hosted by
It's hard to tell from the pic - but I think this is it. I don't really like how the directions are written - I tried following them last night and had to frog a few times but it is a really pretty stitch - called the Gothic Arch. What do you think?

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm still here...

I have just been overwhelmed at work and too tired when I get home to do any blogging or even any knitting. I am drowning in a sea of unread bloglines and I apologize to my SP's and fellow RAOK'ers for being AWOL lately.

First to my SP4 who sent me the Amazon GC - I received the Scarf Style book this weekend and I am loving it - thank you so much for the GC!

Tonight I had lots of mail waiting for me when I came home - a RAOK card from Sedie
Image hosted by

buttons from my crochetville button swap buddy - I love these!
Image hosted by

a fun package from my other secret pal - Image hosted by I don't know if you can see, but there are 2 little glass cherries and glass carrots that will make great stitch markers.

And finally - I did get some crocheting done this weekend - I finished the first scarf for my scarf swap buddy:
Image hosted by It is a worsted wt cotton yarn I picked up at smiley's - I am rather pleased how it turned out. I found another pattern in the scarf style book that I will be making her too.

I hope to sit and work on my Bias tonight - if I don't fall asleep in front of the TV again.

Oh yeah - I stole this from Trixie:

You May Be a Bit Borderline ...

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!

When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...

And when you're down, your whole world is crashing

Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

Scary how accurate this is! Just ask David.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

M I A w/pictures

I have been a bad blogger: between the new job, going to Albany and blogger being difficult - I have not posted in a while. I have also not knitted or crocheted in a while either. I thought I would take the train to Albany and have lots of fiber time on the trip, but I ended up driving so nothing worked on that trip.

The new job is great - though so far all I have really done is 1. order lots of office supplies; 2. spend hours on the phone with system support to get my computer access upgraded and new programs installed; 3. Buy curtains, curtain rod, planters, a bamboo placemat and a statue of Buddha. Next week is a sales meeting, so I will meet the LI sales staff I will be working with. I have had some training - the trip to Albany was great - I meet the regional and another district assistant and trained on some of the reports I will be responsible for. I also got to stay in a very nice hotel. The Desmond - here is a pic of the view from my small balcony out on to the the indoor atrium:
Image hosted by

I did buy myself a few presents to celebrate my promotion:

Image hosted by
New spring bag and yarnharlot's book - which is really wonderful and I am getting used people staring at me 'cause I am laughing out loud while reading.

I also got a Amazon gift certificate from my SP4. I proceeded to buy this immediately plus 2 other paperbacks I wanted. Thank you SP! I want to make this out of this yarn in autumn.

I left my knitting bag at my mother's last weekend - so no work on Good Bias - I will pick it up tomorrow and hopefully get caught up - I really want to finish it. I have put mariah away for the summer - I don't want to think about winter anymore. I also joined another swap at crochetville - 2 actually - the summer scarf swap and the button swap. I like joining their swaps because I know I will receive my items. I have been pretty unlucky with others that I have joined. I have one SP on another list that I have never heard from - this is a year long exchange that started in January, there have been a few single item swaps that I never received anything on either - 1 I never even received an acknowledgement of the item I sent out. It bothers me that people sign up for stuff and don't bother following through on their commitment - if you aren't going to do it - don't join!

I have to get out my final SP packages soon - I haven't decided what I want to send yet, I want the last one to be special.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday ?'s

Ok - these are for you yarnerd:

1. You are a massage therapist - what made you decide to do this? Why did you pick the Swedish Institute in NYC i/o going to the school on the Island?

2. If you could complete any project in any fiber using any technique - what would you choose?

3. Do you prefer to knit for yourself or others? - If for others - why?

4. What was the most extravagant thing you ever bought/did for feed your fiber addiction?

5. Lastly, I know some people like to watch TV or even read while they knit - I can't do that - it is too distracting, I like to listen to music. If you could make up the best playlist to knit to ever - what would be on it?

I am in my new office today - so far I have moved my new desk and workstation in, my file cabinets and a few desk things from my old office. The desk and file cabinets are all empty, so there is not much here for me to do except decide what pictures I want to buy for the walls. I know there will be very few days going forward that I will have so little to do so I am enjoying it on this cold and dreary Friday!