Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday ?'s

Ok - these are for you yarnerd:

1. You are a massage therapist - what made you decide to do this? Why did you pick the Swedish Institute in NYC i/o going to the school on the Island?

2. If you could complete any project in any fiber using any technique - what would you choose?

3. Do you prefer to knit for yourself or others? - If for others - why?

4. What was the most extravagant thing you ever bought/did for feed your fiber addiction?

5. Lastly, I know some people like to watch TV or even read while they knit - I can't do that - it is too distracting, I like to listen to music. If you could make up the best playlist to knit to ever - what would be on it?

I am in my new office today - so far I have moved my new desk and workstation in, my file cabinets and a few desk things from my old office. The desk and file cabinets are all empty, so there is not much here for me to do except decide what pictures I want to buy for the walls. I know there will be very few days going forward that I will have so little to do so I am enjoying it on this cold and dreary Friday!

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