Wednesday, April 27, 2005

easy peasy wednesday

Both of my bosses are at a meeting today so it has been unusually quite in the office. I thought I would take a few moments to post. I finally mailed out Angela's squares yesterday so she should get them soon. I feel really bad about how long it took me to get them to her.

I found a UFO in the bottom of my closet this morning while searching for something to wear to work today - it is a lovely wrap I started last year and never finished. I seem to have more and more of those lately.

I found this in my favorite catalog today (told you it was slow at the office. I want to make this - so kind readers - if you have seen a pattern similar to this gorgeous thing please let me know where!

I have a dentist 's appt tonight after work - I brought my second crochetville swap scarf with me to work on in the waiting room. I really need to finish this so I can get it out to my swap buddy. I was going to make the beaded scarf out of scarf style but I have ripped out more than I crocheted and at this rate, she wouldn't receive her scarves till somewhere around the turn of the next century - so I picked a very pretty stitch and some lovely cotton yarn and I am making her a different pc, I just hope she likes them.


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goldi said...

Ooh! That top is LOVELY! If you find any similar patterns, I hope you'll share resources, I'd like to make that too!

That catalog is soooo dangerous, they have so many lovely things! This is one I love to drool and dream over, since I can never afford any of the stuff I'd love to get out of it. Which is practically everything, lol!