Thursday, April 28, 2005

Third time lucky

Third post this week! I just have a few pics I want to show:

First - my totally adorable nephew Christian - sucking lemons
Image hosted by
I wish you could have seen his face all puckered!

Next - yesterday was Admin Professional Day and I received this
Image hosted by
It's amazing how flowers brighten up a space.

And, lastly a sneak peak of my last crochetville swap scarf
Image hosted by
I think it looks pretty good - imho

I also received my reveal package from my crocheteville SP - it wasn't really a reveal cause I knew who she was - she sent some lovely blue mohair and the great hand made beads - I can't wait to make a necklace and show it off - I will post pictures later, after lunch I need to find out about arranging a paint ball match as a team bldg activity during our District Sales Meeting.



Deneen said...

Your nephew is scrumptious! I want to kiss his chubby cheeks. I also love the arm rolls. How I miss Elena being that age (well, only sometimes).

Hug him for me!

DAWN said...

Cute Nephew
Beautiful Flowers
Lovely Scarf...
Triple play (score!)

goldi said...

Your nephew is so cute! Reminds me of when my daughter was little, she liked to suck lemons too - and would get all shivery from it. It never failed to crack everybody up. She was such a ham! Still is, lol! And she still likes to suck on lemons.

That scarf is lovely! Is this a stitch you've made up yourself? I like it!