Monday, September 20, 2004

Bad Knitting Night

Arrrggghhhhh! Last night I had to rip out over 3 inches of my poncho - I realized I had a glaring mistake- one that had to be corrected - so rip rip rip. Of course I couldn't get my rhythm back and got nothing accomplished, I still have more than half to do. I don't think it will be finished by Saturday. Maybe I can crochet a loose lacy one like the Posh Poncho on crochet pattern central - large hook and bulky yarn and I could finish it in time. We shall see.

I crocheted one hat for Gilda's club - I want to finish at least one more to send off.

I wish there was a training class for bloggers - I see so many cool things on other blogs that I wish I could do and don't know how, like how to create a link in the text to pictures or web sites or a works in progress page, or how to create a button. Someday - it only took me months to figure out how to post pictures soooo........


Anna said...

Hi Colette,

To make text into a link you need to highlight the text and then press 'control shift a' all at the same time, it will bring up a box where you enter the URL of the site you want to link to. Make sure you type at least the next word after where you want the link though or it goes funny and want to put the rest of your post as the link.

As for the WIP stuff, it's a simple cut and paste job like the buttons you've added to your site. You just need to find one you like, figure out where in your page you want it and then stick it in the template. They come with instructions on how to change the percentages or whatever!

Hope that helps!


renee said...

Blogger makes it easy to link text to another webpage. After you've typed the words you want to link, highlight them with your mouse. Then click the little button with globe and chain link (it's the third from the left) above the text box you are typing into. An address bar box will pop up and you type in the URL of the page you want to link to, then click the OK button.