Monday, September 13, 2004

It was a lovely weekend! I finished the first rectangle of the Lacy Poncho - it is blocking in the kids room now - I love the way it looks and the peace fleece blooms so beautifully - I hope the cooler weather comes soon! I started the 2nd rectangle last night, I finished 3 pattern repeats only 22 more to go!

When I got home on Friday my pattern orders had arrived - I got the Kensington shawl from Threadbear and the the felted bag pattern from magsbags that I bought from knittingzone. I bought this pattern to make a bag to go with my poncho - isn't it cute?

I went to smiley's on Saturday and bought Patons Classic Wool in Ocean which matched the color of the peace fleece perfectly. I also bought some other wool in raspberry and slate blue to make stripes and a lilac color - similar to the one in the picture for the contrast trim. This will be my first felting project and I didn't want to spend the money on Kuryeon because I am not sure I will like using a felted bag.

I am in love with the new issue of knitty! I want, no I need! the blaze sweater. I watched the season premier of Charmed last night - I could use those extra arms to finish all my knitting!

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