Thursday, September 16, 2004

Had a great time at the meetup last night! It was fun to actually have people to talk to about knitting. I usually get the "yeah whatever" looks from friends and family when I start waxing poetic about the joys of yarn. I will definitely go to the next one.

There were 2 other knitters there that lived in Queens, so we walked to the Lex Ave E train together, as we were standing on the platform, a woman walked over and asked if we had been at the meetup. She had seen us in the Atrium at CitiCorp. We said yes, she wanted to know if there were any in Queens, which was funny, because we were talking about wanting to start on up in the Forest Hills area. We exchanged emails and hopefully we can get something started! If anyone out there is interested, contact me.

I got six pattern repeats done on the poncho - I really need to push this if I want to wear it next weekend!

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