Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What a miserable morning, I was soaked by the time I got to work. I was afraid my knitting back was getting drenched, especially since I was carrying a new project - I always have a new project! I started crocheting a poncho last night, I had a Dr. apt and I know her waiting area is always packed and I wanted to bring a project that I could do standing if I had to. I found some unidentified yarn (UYO) in my stash - it is a pale blue with a cream colored slubs - mostly acrylic, but very pretty. I think I bought it in Woolworths a 100 years ago. I am using this pattern:
but I modified it so that I am only using 1 strand of yarn not two - I didn't want it too bulky - I like the shorter length and I think it will look really good with jeans and boots this fall. I don't think I am doing the pom poms either. You can go to the pattern by clicking on the link below.

My lacy poncho is coming along really nicely - I love the peace fleece I am using, I hope to finish the first rectangle this week. I want to have it finished by the 25th so I can wear it to my nephew's birthday party.

I found the cutest buttons for the hoody I am planning to knit him for Christmas - little red teddy bears wearing bright gold scarves! The yarn I have picked out is a deep midnight blue - I think these buttons will be perfect. I got them in one of my favorite stores - Samurai on Queen's Blvd - it's a Japanese $0.99 store - they have all these cute gadgets and housewears, stationary, knitting,crochet and sewing stuff and it is almost all under $5. I always come out of there with a bag full of stuff. Of course all the labels are in Japanese, so half the fun is figuring out what some of the stuff is!

Oh boy - the mail man just arrived! My order from elann is here- the peruvian alpaca and Filatura di Crosa oxford - they are soooo much prettier in person. I also got the book I ordered from Amazon, "Jewels of the Pharaohs" - I have been wanting to do some beading and I love all things Egyption, so I thought this would be a good resource - I already have some ideas brewing in my mind (speaking of brewing - I need more coffee!)

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