Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blaze-ing forward

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make this so I joined the KAL (see the button) Now all I have to decide is what yarn. I am leaning towards Schoeller Esslinger Geisha from in this color: Merlot. It is an aran weight so I would have to swatch to see if I can get gauge.

I also joined Rowan International, I've been wanting to for a while but kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money, but when I saw that this was the gift for joining I just had to do it!

Last night I got a few more pattern repeats done on the Lacy Poncho - I want to have it done so I can wear it to the Knit Out this Sunday.

PS Thanks to Renee and Anna for the blog help!


haze said...

My experience with Elann is that their stated gauge is looser than what I get with the particular yarn. For the most part, the aran weight yarns, are much better (in my hands) knit at a tighter 5st/inch

Ellen said...

Can't wait to see your Lacy Poncho. I've had to rip a few times, due to dropped stitches I missed doing the knit2tog. I almost never do that, but sometimes the phone rings and that's probably when it happened.
I am jealous you get to go to the Knit-Out. We had it twice here in L.A. and it wasn't as big as the NYC one. We aren't even having one this year, because people complained about the venue.
Have fun and post pics if you can!

Colette said...

I tend to be a very loose knitter, so I usually have to go down a needle size or 2, otherwise everthing I knit looks like lace.

I have made the same mistake in the lacy poncho on row 5 where you knit 2tog - one of which is the yo from row 4. I had to frog quite a few inches when I realized I missed something and had a few holes that didn't belong in the pattern!

KnitSteph said...

Welcome to FiberRAOK!!

*tiny owl* said...

ooh la la you must post pics of the little red capelet when you knit it! ive never seen that before how cute! ;)
*tiny owl*