Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Singing in the rain...

off key of course. Lots of stuff to post today, where to begin -

First - Santa came early to my house last night - I got my digital camera!!! David wanted me to open it early, before my birthday so I could use it, he also got tired of my hinting for one. So last night while watching Mystery Monday on BBC America, I took lots of pictures of my current W'sIP and finished stuff to post - and as soon as I figure out how to download them to my computer, I will post them here.

My favorite Japanese outlet store, Samurai, has a website : you can check out locations and see some of the stuff they carry. I was there this Sunday and bought some really cool thick and thin yarn - it is funky looking - I will show you a picture soon. They had lots more yarn, but no needles - I asked and the store manager said they were on order and would be in soon. These needles are awesome! Bamboo needles for $0.99 to $1.49 each! (I have an unhealthy attachment to exclamation pts!) Everytime I go here I spend about $20 and walk out with a shopping back full of stuff.

I stared my Rowan free gift pattern last night - this is it:

It is in Rowan Cork, which is a luscious yarn, so soft. The color I received is 045 which is an oatmeal neutral, I was really hoping for the red, but this yarn is so nice to work with, I don't mind that it is not a great color for me. There are these little fringe like things along the lower edge that are made by casting on then binding off stitches - they were fun to do and remind me of tentacles. I am enjoying working on this.

We are not going to see my inlaws till after Christmas, so I don't have to kill myself to get there gifts finished by the 24th. Now if I can just go home and play with my camera and finish my capelet I will be very happy.

For those who crochet, have you seen the new issue of Crochet me yet, it is great! (I know, I know) and the new knitty is out too (see I can go w/o an !)

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