Friday, December 17, 2004

Capelet Pattern - sort of

Ok I still have not comp at home, so I am going to post this from work. I haven't actually written out the pattern so this is just the basic directions as far as what I did. The yarn I used was a hand dyed silk I won on ebay - it is a sport wt.

With a size D crochet hook I chained a length to fit comfortably around my shoulders, join with slp st. HDC around for 1 1/2 inches or desired length increase as necessary to achieve a multiple of 10 + 1 for the first pattern. Switch to a Size F hook - I used the spaced scale stitch on page 106 of the Crochet Stitch Bible continue in that pattern changing to a Size G hook after a few inches, till desired length (3 - 4 inches shorter than the finished length you desire). Then I switched to the sea stitch on page 112 and a Size H hook and did 3 rows to finish. Then I did a row of sc around the front opening and Voila!

I had to fudge the numbers to make it fit but all in all it worked out really well. Happy Friday all.

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Cate said...

I just wanted to say that your capelet is lovely! I enjoyed reading your 100 things too. I miss WLIR, too, and I am always horrified at the lousy radio when I go back to NYC. It's great that you have Air America, but did they have to take over WLIB? Big sigh. I guess it's just too big a market for anything but the most mainstream crap to get through. Oh well... Thanks for stopping by my blog!