Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December already!?!??!!!

Wow - it is Dec. 1st already - where did this year go? I have been resisting this holiday spirit thing, at least until last night. I met a friend at Penn Station last night, we were going for a lite dinner and some girl talk. I got to Penn Sta. at about 4:55, her train was supposed to arrive at 4:59 - well the first thing I hear as I get down there is: "Due to a disabled train outside of Jamaica, we are experiencing 30 minute delays" Great! so I go down to the 7th ave end by McDonald's to wait where I said I would be. There is a guy singing Christmas carols there, at first I was a little annoyed, but the guy had a nice voice and after a while I started to get into it. When Sha finally got there, we decided to walk around a little before going to eat, we walked passed Macy's to see the Polar Express windows. Sha said it is a tradition in her family to read that book every Christmas eve.

That got me thinking - growing up, we didn't really have any holiday traditions (unless you count fighting and complaining as traditions) David and I have sort of created our own traditions. Every year we open our presents to each other way before Christmas ( I know, we are bad!) We also shop for our tree with the boys, they pick it out and I put it up. They boys get to put on all the "special" Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments. I have the only Victorian SciFi tree around! On our Christmas morning (when we have the boys), after opening there gifts I make a special breakfast of Biscuits and gravy, pancakes and bacon. We have been this for years now and it is starting to feel like a tradition. So fellow bloggers, what traditions do you have for the Holidays? I'd love to hear from you.

Back to fibery stuff. I am almost finished with the crochet capelette. I need to wind the last skein tonight. I am ready to start the last pattern for the border and I need to decide if I want to add the beads I bought or not. I also finished the back and fronts of the baby hoodie - I started the sleeves and they are going fast - I love have fast I can crochet - I wish I knit that fast.

I also cast on for a shawl/stole I am thinking of making for my MIL. She is going on a cruise and I thought this would be nice to take. It is made in woolease sport white with a sparkle-y thread running through. I am using a stitch I found in the 365 day perpetual knitters calendar. It is a corded rib - multiple of 4 sts+ 2 for edges. K2tog M1 P2 all rows. It makes a pretty raised rib with a lattice between. I am making it 20" wide on size 10 bamboo needles - I will try to get a picture up soon.

I am also making myself a scarf out of the left over misty from marilyn's poncho. I am doing the turkish stitch on size 17 needles - this is giving me a loose mesh that I plan on adding crochet flowers to around the edges - I found a cute pattern for rosettes on the Lionbrand site. I think this will look great - I saw similar (though not heavy) scarves when we were in Paris.


Beth said...

Hi fellow RAOKer! I've been wondering how December 1st snuck up on me to!

You all definitely have traditions ... if you've done it for more than one year ... it's a tradition!

When I was growing up we had a few (the same breakfast EVERY Christmas morning - it was one my mom found in an issue of Southern Living more than 20 years ago, going as a family to cut down the tree, me wrapping all the presents everyone bought {except of course the ones for me ;P}, my grandma always stayed with us {and slept in my room with me} so on Christmas morning, I'd go downstairs and get the stocking for me and my brother then we'd sit on my bed with Grandma and open the stuff in them {it was neat to share this with her and it gave my parents an extra 20-30 minutes to sleep}.)

Now that I have kids, the traditions are a little different, but still there. As long as you and your family enjoy, that's all that matters!

Happy Holidays and Joyous Knitting!!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I have just started creating our own traditions in the last year or so. Our Christmas trees would be similar - Star Wars ornaments here as well - with a hefty dose of comic book superheroes.

Our big thing every year is having a cocktail party for our friends and coworkers. We figure it's a good time to break out the fancy glassware and act like grown-ups (albeit grown-ups standing in the shadow of a geeked out Xmas tree). Mark has a special chocolate martini recipe he makes and I attempt to make my mother's good luck cookies.

DAWN said...

What a great question about Christmas traditions. On Christmas eve we watch "Christmas Vacation" and then put out Santa goodies and I read the Polar Express to my kids. Christmas morning we see what Santa brought and pour out our Stocking Goodies and then eat breakfast. After breakfast is through and we all get dressed then we open presents. Someone different passes them out each year. This year it's the 8 yr olds turn. Happy Holidays!