Saturday, December 18, 2004

Doing nothing isn't working!

I am really not in the holiday spirit now - I am stressed and grouchy. I tried doing nothing as Norma suggested, but it is not working - I am feeling more stressed. It is my birthday weekend and still no tree, the decorations - in a box in the basement, the presents - all over the house. Cookies - not happening, lasagna - take out anyone?

What I really want is to go away somewhere all by myself - just me, my yarn, some hooks and my denise needles! Heaven

Tonight is my office Christmas party, David is not coming because he has to work, so I am going alone. Tomorrow is my birthday, 43 years old, man where did the years go? I'm going to brunch with my girlfriends. David and I can celebrate after the holidays, when hopefully he is back on days. Tmrw night there is a SnB in Park Slope at the Tea Lounge, I think I will go, maybe that will get me out of this funk.



Gina said...

Hi, I understand that place...As for me, I have been doing too much within too little time. Give self space. Rest that mind! If I pick up my crochet hook and yarn and just do a little something, it clears...some. The holidays are stressful for so many reasons to so many people. I'm only me, right now, this moment. But I chose to surf blogs and smile. And do little things; can't clear an avalanche in a day!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Enjoy your friends
"Spontaneity is one of the great joys of a strong friendship"--Jerry & Mary White
Hug yourself; here's a hug from me!
My birthday is in 14 days...

Colette said...

Thanks Gina, I appreciate the hug and the birthday wishes!

DAWN said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Colette!! I hope you have a great day and that you get lots of love from your family and friends. Have a great day!!