Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Spent most of my lunch hour shopping on line today. Bought 2 patterns at One Fine Yarn by Natalie Wilson of InKnitiative 1 is for Dottie a cool kinda retro cardigan and New Century Poncho Pullover a poncho/top which I think I can live in! Then I went to elann.com and picked up some more yarn - I don't have anywhere to put this yarn, but that didn't stop me! I ordered some Peruvian alpaca to go with the fun fur I got such a bargain on. I also bought Filatura Di Crosa Oxford in Albany - this looks soooo pretty!

Here are a few more pix from my vacation:

why DID the buffalo cross the road?

not the best picture, but it is the only one of all of us - at the Lower Falls in Yellowstone

Last one - driving through Grand Teton Nat'l Park

(if you want to see anymore click on the LINK below!)

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Mrsneander1 said...

Wonderful pictures. I hope there's more to come. Thanks for sharing. :)