Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Got my Path paper back last night - got a B! For all the trouble I had getting a patient and getting it done - I am pleased with a B. Tonight is my Med Massage practical, then all my exams are done and Tuesday I leave for vacation Yeah!

Finished my squares for the afghan group, will mail them off tmrw and ask for a new buddy. I also worked on my mohair poncho last night - I ran out of the variegated mohair I was using about 30 stitches from the end of the row, I had some solid dark green mohair that is added to finish the row, since the mohair is alternating with solid (or mostly solid) dark green wool it worked perfectly. I think I am going to make the second rectangle just the green wool, so one side will have the mohair stripes and the other will be solid wool. I just don't want the wool side to be all garter stitch - I will have to swatch and see what I want to do with that.

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