Friday, August 27, 2004

This is one of those days I wished I had stayed in bed. Our phones are on the fritz, our other office on W 31 St ( yes across the street from MSG) has been blockaded by the police - they are closing the week of the RNC but the St closings started yesterday and customers have been having a hard time coming in to the store. Traffic is so bad, all our deliveries were late and I am still on Mountain time so I am wide awake at 11pm and can't wake up in the morning!

I really wish the republicans had picked some other city to hold there convention in - I don't like them at the best of times and right now I really detest them! I am also annoyed with all the groups from everywhere but New York that are here to protest them - have some pity on the people who live here - go protest in your own city!

Whoo - that felt good, now on to knitting----I worked on my mohair poncho last night - found a few dropped stitches that I had to fix. Took David's sweater to work today so I could knit while commuting - I figure with all the traffic (see above rant) I will have plenty of time to knit on the way home tonight. The express bus is slow at the best of times and this is certainly NOT the best of times!

Found a really nice cable poncho pattern on line today - it is from paton's and can be found at - just click on the crafts section. I think I am going to use the dark olivey yarn I got from Cottage Craft for this. Someday.

Well I need to get some work done - took a late lunch today, but now it is back to the grindstone.

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