Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Took my practical last night, did ok, would have done better if I had actually studied. Oh well I am now down with school, all I have left is Yoga and 5 hours of clinic. I have signed up for a Hot Stone Massage workshop in Sept, but that is only one day - I think I can handle that.

Last night when I got home from school, David had a surprise for me - he had gone out and bought a Sony Handicam! We have been wanting one forever, so he finally broke down and bought it yesterday to take on vacation with us. We were going to buy it before we went to Paris, but he choked on spending the money then! Best part - it has a memory stick to take digital stills, so "you can take all your woolly pictures" or so he said, as if he had to sell me on it!

I have decided to use the solid green mohair with the green wool and continue the pattern in one piece. I will then attach 1 short side to the opposite long side and make a poncho/shawl thing. This way there would be a point on one side and it would look like a wrap on the other. I can't tell you how soft and comforting this thing feels - I can't wait to wear it.

Got a new buddy for the afghan squares - Hi Debby, I have some more of this mohair in a different color that I think I am going to use for here square with a solid blue wool. Of course I am still diligently knitting away on David's Bday sweater and the baby blanket and the boys afghans.

Here is the baby blanket: I have done 3 more rows since this picture was taken, it is almost finished. I used Jill Vosburg's Diamond Patch pattern for the squares. It knits up really fast and should be done by Oct when the baby is due.

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ladyblue said...

Hi Collette!!!
Thanks for the!
Enjoy youur vacation and I will 'talk' to you in a week or so!