Monday, August 02, 2004

Happy Monday! Well my path paper is finished!!!! (well it is written, I just have to finish typing it today) I will hand it in tonight and the biggest part of my "things to do before I can graduate" list is done.

David and I drove the boys up to Boy Scout camp yesterday in the pouring rain. Of course I had to take a new project with me. I have one ball of King Cole Mohair in Barcelona (I think) it's teal, hunter, raspberry and yellow fuzzy yarn, and 2 balls of Woolease in Pines, which is a teal, dark blue and green mix. I cast on 76 stitches on size 17 needles with the mohair doing 3 rows of K1 *YO K2tog* then changing to the Woolease and doing about 4" of garter stitch then back to the mohair and so on. Gotta tell you, I am really please with the results - the colors set each other off perfectly and it feels incredible!. I am thinking I will keep knitting till I run out of yarn and if it is long enough stitch it up to make a poncho - otherwise it will make a beautiful shawl.

David still has not set up space on our ISP so pictures are not yet available, but are coming soon - I promise.

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