Thursday, August 26, 2004

Spent last night watching the Olympics and knitting a square for my Afghans for Us partner - did the feather and fan stitch in a lovely aqua cotton. I enjoyed working on this little project so much I am thinking of knitting my girlfriends 2 cotton washclothes and wrapping them with some nice soap in baskets for Christmas. I know I would like this, but I wonder if non knitters would like it? I have some nice cotton I picked up cheap at Smiley's - they have lots of colors to choose from, and I found this great site that has 5 pages of patterns called Dishcloth Boutique - I have been using this as my idea source for the afghan squares.

Took my pictures to get developed today - kept forgetting them at home, so they won't be back till Monday - I will post some of the gorgeous sites we saw then.

It has been such a joy not having to be stuck on the LIE everynight on my way to school! Now all I have to do is get my a** in gear and find a sponsor to work for till I take my licensing exam.

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