Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Starting over

I almost finished my headband last night - we had a minor flood in the kitchen when DH noticed a leak and went to touch it and his finger went right through the pipe. Thank god my landlord was available and fixed it. So I didn't get as much work done as I wanted - I will finish tonight then I think I will frog the one fingerless glove I have and restart it as this (scroll down) - I really like the cables that Robbyn did.

I also swatched my Peruvian alpaca for this:
I have the yarn in this color:

I used the bamboo needles I picked up at Samurai - they are a thick size 7 or a thin size 8 and I got the perfect gauge with them. I used the swatch to make myself a cell phone cover. I really like this pattern because it is knit in 2 pieces - no separate sleeves to knit! It is in the current Vogue Knitting. I don't know when I will start this as I still have my Christmas knitting to finish, but I doubt I will wait that long.

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DAWN said...

I just love that green. It is going to be sooooo soft!