Thursday, April 10, 2008

Galveston, oh Galveston

Finally made it home - yes we were booked on an American Airlines MD80 and yes our original flight was canceled.

I was on the phone for over an hour last night trying to get another flight out today - thankfully AA was very helpful and found us a Continental Flt that was direct ( our original had a stop in Chicago) so even though the Continental flt was delayed over an hour, we still got home earlier than we would have on our original flt.

I think the airline industry has it in for me - every flt I am booked on gets canceled or delayed.

Texas was fun - I loved Austin and wished I had more time there - David liked it best there too. Mother Nature was being difficult as well; it rained in Dallas and Galveston, the only really nice days we had were in Austin/San Antonio, otherwise it was cloudy and dreary.

The traffic in Houston makes rush hour in NYC look like a NASCAR Speedway! We pretty much stayed out of the city - we were staying in Webster, which is halfway between Houston and Galveston and the home of the Johnson Space Center. The only time we went into Houston was to follow train tracks and visit Yarn 2 Ewe. ( where I spent over an hour playing with lovely yarns!)

The obligatory vacation pictures:
Texas 2008 011
The Houston Skyline

Texas 2008 007
The beach in Galveston

Texas 2008 009
This hotel in right on a pier - I would hate to be there during a storm!

I finished the mohair shetland shawl on Tuesday, which necessitated a trip to the yarn store so I had a project for the trip home.

Texas 2008 012
Off the needles on the bed in our motel

Texas 2008 014
close up of the beads (bought in Dallas) on the edging

Texas 2008 019
The yarn I bought in Houston - Wool in the Woods Seeds and Such in the Bashful colorway. Though they are both the same dye lot, the on the needles is a little deeper than the other and has more of the coral color. I am doing a simple scarf in the ostrich plume stitch one side in each color and then grafted in the middle. I can wear either the darker or the lighter end to the front depending on my mood.

Next to the yarn is the Space Bear David bought me, he always buys me a teddy bear from out vacations - I have an italian police bear, a Borg bear, a pilot bear etc. I love my bears.

Texas 2008 017
Blocking on the floor in the boys room.

It is good to be home - I still have tmrw off from work and I plan to do as little as possible, I am afterall on vacation.


Ruinwen said...

What a splendid shawl! Pretty scarf...georgous colors! :)

Melissa said...

welcome home! your shawl looks beautiful.