Wednesday, January 24, 2007

6 strange things - though not before breakfast

My friend Maritza tagged my for this meme and I have been wracking my brain to come up with something to write. While most people who know me think I am odd, personally I don't find anything really strange about me at all. So here goes 6 (not so) strange (to me) things:

1. I notice peoples hands first and if they have long, slim fingers it freaks me out. It just gives me the heebee geebee's. I knew a guy in college that had these freakishly long fingers - I swore he was going to become a serial killer. He may have for all I know - I stayed far away from him back then!

2. I tell my self bed time stories. When I can't sleep I make up stories about the Sidhe, and Elves and Wizards and entertain myself till I fall asleep - unfortunately I never remember them in the morning - I think they are really good stories too.

3. I will change the route I travel randomly - never go the same way somewhere - you never know who is watching.

4. I have had the same reoccurring dream since childhood - I am lost in the Museum of Natural History - I wonder endlessly through the exhibits - the old exhibits, the whale is still hanging from the ceiling - never finding my way out or knowing how I got in there.

5. I have absolutely no sense of direction - I can get lost driving home. The last time I was in Chicago for training - I got lost going from the class room back to the shuttle bus. Hopeless.

6. I have no luck at games of chance - I will lose every time - in record time - that's why I don't gamble. If I had the only ticket in a lottery - it would still lose! Yet I consider myself a very lucky person.

Well that's it - that is all I can come up with. I leave it open to anyone who would like to steal it from me. And if you can think of something I might have missed - let me know - self examination is good for me.

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Trenchant Maiden said...

Just for the record, I never found you to be all that strange in a bad way....only ever quirky in a good way (as though quirky could be anything but good)
and here's soemthing to be happy about.....hands are often more well-cared for than are feet......though your repulsion for particularly long fingers could be supported by the scary aye-aye theory....I'm sure those guys weirded you out in a BIG way