Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If I had a photograph of you, or something to remind me...

It has been so long since I posted I have lots of photos to show you, and since I have nothing terribly interesting to say, I will just show:

December 29 I took the boys into the City to see the Tree, we had brunch at Cafe Henri in LIC then took the train to Manhattan.

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The Tree

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Cartier wrapped up

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NY Public Library - they can hardly contain themselves, they are so excited (yawn)

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Grand Central Terminal as we headed home
It was a fun day and I think they enjoyed themselves.


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Lady Eleanor finished

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close up of crochet edging - I think I am going to pick up one more ball and make the edging longer.

And so concludes my photo essay "What I did on my Christmas Vacation" by Colette M


Beth said...

I love the picture of Cartier's ... that's so cool.

And your Lady Eleanor -- bee-yoo-tee-full!!!!

sulu-design said...

I tried commenting yesterday and ran into trouble... But glad to hear that you're back in action, and I hope to see you soon. Lady Eleanor is ridiculously gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing such a beautful project.

cynic the lamb said...

Hey there! I love your Lady Eleanor. Beautiful!

P.S. TAG! You're it! List 6 strange things about yourself. (Yeah I know, tagging for a me-me is almost as loathesome as sending chain-letters, but I hope you have some with it.)

Anonymous said...

wow! Lady eleanor is great!

Valerie said...

Lady Eleanor is heavenly! Great job.

Mz Mar said...

Your Lady E is wonderful! Gave me the incentive to keep working on mine!
I notice you didn't do the long fringe?? Does the SWS fuzz up too much for it?
Back to knitting!!