Monday, March 05, 2007

You gotta learn to live and live and learn

You gotta learn to give and wait your turn

It has been brought to my attention that I have been woefully remiss in my blogging. I do apologize to anyone who has been checking to see if I have posted anything new, my only excuse is that my camera broke and I hate posting without pictures.

Also, I have not finished any of my knitting projects so have not had anything craft related to post. Work has been crazy, I got to spend an extra day in FLA last month when DELTA (doesn't ever leave the airport) canceled my flight home Valentines Day. David was great, we took romantic weekend in Washington, DC when I got back. That was fun.

I am still only about 20% finished with my Grannie Smith, I have 2 sleeves and the finishing on Sesame, I haven't picked up the red lace shawl from VLT in weeks, and there are about 100 things I want to start but refuse till I finish one of the projects currently on my needles.

I plan on borrowing David's camera and posting some pictures soon - I just have to stop procrastinating!


sulu-design said...

Hey, you post when you're good and ready, and not a minute sooner! You've been one busy lady, so we can all wait until you're ready to grace us with a photo or two.

Ruinwen said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. Take some time to yourself and don't worry about posting until you have the time.

Kudos on finishing your current projects before starting a new one. My 13 WIPs applaud you! :)


Michele said...

Glad you're okay. I know what it's like to get the blogging blahs so I figured you'd be back when you got the urge again.

Happy to see you, though!

alice said...

damn, you took all of MY excuses for not blogging. geez, do i even HAVE a blog any more? its nice to see you again :)