Sunday, August 17, 2008

You've got to spend some time, love

Another Sunday, another day to spend quietly playing with yarn and beads, another day to post some updates to this blog.

I am in a swap on Ravely, one of the things we needed to send in our packages was stitch markers, so I made these yesterday to add to the rest of the goodies I am sending out:

knitting 015

I really like them, I bought that cheapy key holder to put them on so they don't get loose in the package. I also bought this yarn to send:

knitting 016
It is 100% wool and I bought a booklet of felted bag patterns to go with it.

I signed up for the Ravelympics, the Lace Longjump - here is my entry:

knitting 007
Zetor by Jatta Saukko in lace color Hydrangea. I am really liking how this is knitting up, the yarn has a homepun feel and the color is lovely. I have until the closing ceremonies to finish.

I am still working on the Goddess Mystery Shawl, here is the last update:
LI Day off 002
I really love this yarn - it is Zephyr color Copper.

Of course since I still didn't finish that KAL, I had to join another, Mystery Stole 4 - I originally was going to knit this is the silver gray Colourmart silk I have, but the diameter on the stole, according to the designer is only 16", that silk is so fine, I would be lucky to get 10", so I decided to use the cone of Jaggerspun Main Line I bought from Sarah's Yarns last year. Here is the swatch I did:

knitting 013
The top is done on size 5 needles the bottom on size 3, I like the top better. The beada are from Beadaholique , the color is Witch's Brew, these are 8/0 that I ordered for the silk - I just ordered them in 6/0 so they will show up better on the thicker yarn.

Here is the yarn and the beads:
knitting 001

I have to run to the nursing home now - hopefully I will remember to finish updating this page.


Ok, I'm back

I found the perfect beads to match that Claudia Handpainted Silk I bought at Garden City Stitches, look:

knitting 012
They pick up all the colors in this yarn! I am thinking about designing a stole with this yarn and beads using the Japanese Knitting Patterns Book 300 I bought online from a SaucyLouise's Esty shop. This book is phenomenal! There are patterns in here I have never seen anywhere else before, and even though the text is in Japanese, the charts and diagrams are clearly written and suprisingly easy to follow.
knitting 009

knitting 010

knitting 011

That is just a small sample! I am hooked on Japanese knitting and crochet patterns, one weekend soon I am planning a trip to Kinokuniya Bookstore
to browse through and pick up a few more. There is Japanese Knitting and Crochet group on Ravelry that is really helpful with working out the patterns.


maritza said...

Those stitch markers are lovely. And wow! That Japanese stitch pattern book looks awesome.

Nancy said...

I was in the Kinokuniya Bookstore a few weeks back and had a hard time resisting take a book or 2 home with me.

I am failing completely in the Lace Longjump. Lace and chaos at work do not go well together!

Yours is lovely so far.

sulu-design said...

I'm at the point now where I gloss over knitting patterns (I haven't picked up the needles in over a year), but when one mentions beads, I pay attention! Love those stitch markers.