Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am seriously pissed right now. I just got off the phone with Prudential Insurance - I have been trying to get my mothers life insurance claim paid. It has been 2 months and all I have gotten from them is a run around and indigestion. They are supposed to pay the funeral home and it still has not happened. Every time I call them I get a different story, their computor records are a mess. 3 times I have been told they didn't have the death certificate oh wait yes they do. They need this form - oops sorry we have that. Now they need another form from the funeral home. I am fed up with them and their meaningless platitudes. I am very glad that my insurance is not with Prudential.

I have written them a letter complaining about their service, not that it will do anything, but it made me feel better, as did writting this post.


Ruinwen said...

That just isn't right. You should be upset. Sending *hugs* your way.

OfTroy said...

sad but true, some companies make it a policy to deny a claim (any claim/all claims) the first time they are submitted.

Lots of folk busy with life (and all the detail of death, (family, estates, and paperwork) are overwhelmed, and fail to resubmit.

document, and send info to state regulatory board. That WILL do something!

Jen Anderson said...

File a complaint with your state's Department of Insurance. I had some success with that for a health insurance claim.

sahara said...

Uh oh. I've been procrastinating on sending in my mother's claim (she's been gone 4 years now). At first I didn't bother, since I couldn't find the original policy (another story).

Well, now I have all of the paperwork. Her insurance was John Hancock; (who were involved in class action suit a while ago).

Looking at the original policy––from 1955––I'm afraid that it looks too old for anyone there to deal with it. Gosh, I wish I could show up in person.

Good luck and my blessings to you. I'm glad I returned to your blog. Holla!