Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Finally back to posting!  Only 4 more weeks of school and I am finished!!!!Of course I still have my path paper to write and my finals to go through, but the end is in site.
I think I have finally figured out how to post pictures to my blog, so I am going to try it now.
Nope still haven't gotten it, but I won't give up!!
Other knitting news - started on David's birthday sweater - it's the classic pullover from "The Purl Stitch" - about the only sweater pattern he liked!
About halfway done with the baby blanket for Mary.  She's due in Sept so I am ok time wise.  The boys don't seem overly enthused with the idea of a new half brother!
I am more than halfway through with the 1st afghan I am making for each of them.  This one is in modular blocks  in a dark and light green, dark and light blue, dark and darker Burgundy and tan pattern.  The other one I haven't started yet is in blues and purples and that one will be crocheted - just as a break from the knitting.
I am also making a triangle shawl from a yarn blend I picked up at www.numei.com it is called tapestry  it looks really good and should go well with my fall wardrobe.  I am doing it in a garter stitch with yarn overs down the center and at each end.
Then there is the stole I am making out of S Charles Ritratto  in the pumpkin colorway - gorgeous coppers, orange, gold and a little metallic! I am trimming it with a lace edging from Knitting on the Edge out of Autstermann Caprice  in the deep copper color.  Just trying to figure out the best way to attach the edging to the stole.
I guess that is enough for today.  Have to work on my patient logs for school tonight - just 4 more weeks, just 4 more weeks, just.......

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