Friday, July 23, 2004

When I got to yoga last night, I found out that my instructor had had her baby about a week earlier than she was expecting!  So when I got home last night I cast on a baby hat out of some pretty dk wt confetti colored cotton yarn I had in my stash.  I found a cute and easy pattern on line, I would like to have it finished by class next week - I will leave it at the office for her.

I went to the Career Service office last night to pick up the list of places that will sponsor MT's so they can treat till they can take the State Boards and get their license.  Most of them are on LI but a few are in Queens and Manhattan.  I will try calling a couple today.  I doubt I will get much knitting done this weekend.  I have to treat tmrw in clinic, then I am going for my 2nd acupuncture treatment.  Sunday I am going to an aromatherapy workshop,  it is an all day program and I have to fit that damn path paper in there somewhere too!

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