Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I am really tired today - didn't get home till after midnight last night - it was raining so hard I couldn't see where I was driving.  When the alarm went off this morning I wanted to cry.

Finished the baby hat for my yoga instructor - I have class tomorrow so I will drop it off at the office.  I am trying to make matching socks but I'm having a little trouble with those.  That is all the knitting I have had time for, just be too busy with school and stressed trying to find my mother a new apt. (Won't even go into what I would like to do to her current landlord)

I have purchased so much beautiful yarn lately and it just sits there waiting for me to work with it.  I have the Cherry Tree Hill boucle lace weight yarn I bought for the leaf lace shawl KAL, got it wound up, but haven't started knitting yet.  Then there is the hand dyed sport weight I won on eBay that is just crying out to be a fall poncho, and I can't forget all the yarn from elann!

Hopefully I will get through finals and my path paper so that when I get home form vacation I can get started on some of these projects and finish the ones languishing on my needles now.

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