Tuesday, August 02, 2005

need a laugh?

Please check this out - after I stopped laughing I was speechless.

I have joined a whole bunch of swaps and exchanges - The Crochetville Autumn SP, Celia's Scarf Exchange, Crochetville Holiday Exchange, the Summer of Lace, Mystery Shawl KAL, Mystery Stole KAL & the Crochetville Squares Exchange! I admit it - I am a joiner.

Here are the first of the 34 squares I need to crochet by October:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com I am using a dk wt acrylic in sage and rust colors - I really like the combo - I'll see how far this yarn gets me - If I need more I will add more colors instead of getting more of the same.

Here is an updated picture of my Simply Elegant Lace Shawl:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com I LOVE this yarn and want to buy lots more in all their colorways - If I ever get back to Montana I am camping out at Mountain Colors.

I also picked up 2 books - A Gathering of Lace & Shawls & Scarves - the best of Knitters. I wan to knit everything in these books - I can't decide what to start next.

Once last "What's wrong with this picture":
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Located by the train station in Wantagh


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh... some of that You Knit What? stuff was simply hilarious. And Guido's Irish Pub? It made me think of Carlos O'Kelly's, which has always confused me.

Anyway, I'm glad you joined Secret Pals (and everything else, too, of course) because I get to be your pal!

Allena said...

LOL that was funny!

Kari said...


I love You Knit What? That site is so funny.

Micky said...

Ummm...and Italian Irish pub? I bet somebody's father is really upset!

Trixie said...

But they are BOTH CATHOLIC so the Pope is happy !

I linked to that site. It made me smile and goodness knows that some days you just need a silly smile. I figured this way I would check it regularly !

KathyMarie said...

The hairy sweater of death cracked me up. The squares look great!