Sunday, August 14, 2005


I finally finished something - my SES is done! Here is a picture of it blocking:
Image hosted by and here is a closeup: Image hosted by I even added beads to it, but they match the yarn so perfectly, you can't see them unless you get really really close.

I decided to finish it in a hurry after I realized that my mother had broken the yarn on this and on my mariah, I don't know why - she doesn't remember doing it, but I found the ball of yarn from mariah in her apartment today - she must have stashed it in her bag when I wasn't looking when she was here last week. I have 2 people from different Adult Day Care programs coming to assess her tmrw - I am praying she can get into one of these soon. Then I have to find out who I can call to do a PRI assessment, which is the first step to getting her into a nursing home, so she can have 24 hour attention, which she needs.

I've made some progress on my scarf exchange gift too, see: Image hosted by I think I am going to trim it with Jo Sharp DK wool in aubergine, I really like they way they look together Image hosted by and I found a very pretty edging pattern in one of my stitch directories. I like this pattern I am using for the scarf because it is reversible, I like that it looks the same on both sides


FaeryCrafty said...


Micky said...

That is very beautiful. And that purply scarf, yummy.
Hope everything works out with your mom.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful shawl! Lace knitting seems intimidating to me. I also love that Jo Sharp aubergine, the color is gorgeous.

I hope your appointments about your mother go well, and that you have a great week!

-Secret Pal

Ruinwen said...

You do lovely lace work! I love the shawl and the scarf they are both beautiful. Will keep you and your Mother in my prayers.


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Dianne said...

You do such beautiful work! I love the shawl and the scarf.

I hope things are going better with your mom.

The "Other" Colette said...

Lovely work, Colette. Please know that you and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.
The assessment process and final placement can sometimes take more time than we feel we have.
Take a deep breath and take one day at a time. Your life will return.

Jenn said...

Wow they are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The SE scarf is fabulous! I'm sure the fortunate SP will love it. Beautiful work, lovely yarn, sweet color, great pattern. You do such marvelous work.

Debi (also on the SE)