Monday, April 10, 2006

...if I could be sure the head on the door was a dream....

I am finally feeling human again - my doctor said I had a bad case of the "ickies" - 2 prescriptions and $75 later I started to feel better. I LOVE that cough syrup w/codeine. I slept for about 3 straight days - it was lovely - deep sleep with no dreams - usually when I am sick I have strange dreams, I once dreamt I was having a rather heated conversation with the Walrus from Alice in Wonderland. To this day I swear he was at the foot of my bed giving me a hard time about oysters.

Once I regained conscienceness I was able to finish A Good Bias, see:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I just cast on for a shawl for a co-worker - she asked me at a weak moment and I agreed to knit one for her. It is a straight stole in trellis lace - the yarn though is wonderful - she picked the heavier wt Zypher - it is a pleasure to knit with, the silk gives it a lovely sheen. I think it will be quite beautiful when it is done.

I am trying to decide what I want to cast on for me - I have so many projects I want to knit, I can't decide what I want to do first. I think the feather and fan shawl will probably win out. I love that yarn I received from my SP and have been itching to work with it!

I am very late sending out my final SP7 package - March just flew by, what with my mother, FLA and then the ickies - it was over before I realized it. I will be sending out my reveal pkg tomorrow. I really hope my SP likes everything, I feel really bad about being so late ending it out.

I am planning on going to the LIC knit group tomorrow after work - I really enjoyed it the last time I went and I really want to make it a regular happening.


Ruinwen said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! Love the pattern!


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one falling behind (sheepish grin). I'm going to try and get your last package out this week - life all of a sudden got so complicated...

Also glad you're feeling better and mother is doing well.

And Good Bias is beautiful - very lacy and feminine.

Take care of yourself.

Your SP7

Melissa said...

nice shrug!

hope to see you in LIC tonight!

itgirl said...

isn't it "if only i was sure..."? (if you're talking about the cure, and i assume you are because you have the same kick ass taste in music that i do)

Micky said...

So glad you are feeling better. And that is just beautiful.
I love Alice in Wonderland. Every time I read any reference to it, I smile. I have read about 3 books, and they all had references to it. That's why it's a classic. If you dream about it again, tell them all I said Hi. heehee

Micky said...

As to my comment above, I meant the last 3 books that I have read. Not that I have only read 3 books. geez
Ok, I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Collette, I love the stunning shrug.. i hope to make it soon this summer:-) a former Ridgewood resident (1962-1970)went to PS81 for kindergarden and then St Brigit (sp?) for grammar school and the german school on fresh pond road.. nope never made it over to the german restaurant.. wild.. isn't that.. but have loved heidelberg here in nyc when they service the chicken paprika.. which is so rarely now.. Rolf's didn't impress me.. especially since no one spoke german or was any relation to a german.. and isn't the entire kitchen staff of latin persuasion (sp?) ?! all the best hope to meet up soon.. Karola in the Heart of Harlem

Kat said...

The shrug is beautiful...great job!

Lisa said...

Yeah - I get to finally "meet" my secret pal. Thanks so much for everything. And don't worry one bit - life happens! Glad to hear your mom is doing well. And I hope you are feeling better too. My dad just had a pacemaker put in a few weeks ago. I was surprised it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. He was home the next day.

I loved reading about you and look forward to getting to know you better. I have some relatives who live on the island - Setaucket and Centereach. Haven't been out that way in a while. One time we took the ferry to Orient Point.

Thanks again for being such a great pal!

Tandi said...

So glad you're feeling better! That shrug is gorgeous! I love the feather and fan stole, can't wait to see how yours turns out.