Friday, April 28, 2006

What do I get out of this? I always try I always miss

Odds and ends today - I decided I am not going to MS&W this year - boo hoo - My car is in desperate need of a new muffler and my inspection and registration are up in June, so what money I had saved up really needs to be spent on the Hyundai from Hell.

That is not to say I won't be buying anymore yarn, in fact I am preparing to scors some Kid Silk Crack on Tuesday - I am meeting a new Account Manager at our downtown branch which is on Varick St, a stones throw from Sullivan, so I plan on stopping at Purl and picking up 6 skeins of Liqueur for this:
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Though I think I will call her 'likker'd up granny' in deference to my color choice.
There is a KAL starting here

I also ordered some yarn from Marie at Brooklyn Handspun and I ordered something - I can't remember what - from Red Bird Knits . I can't wait to see what it is, I know it will be gorgeous, all her yarn is, I just wish I wasn't having another brain cramp.

I started my first project from Big Girl Knits (not sure I love that title):
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in a soft gold cotton I picked up at Smileys. I'll post pics when there is more to see than 10 rows of seed stitch.

I finished the 2nd cone of black wool/silk for my co-workers shawl. I really like this stitch pattern, it is quick and easy to remember, but looks complicated and quite pretty. I sent her a picture of my progress and she liked it so that is good.

David and Robert are going camping this weekend - Jeff is in trouble for not finishing school work again, so he is home with his mother, hopefully doing some of his homework. I am going out with Marilyn tonight - I think I might stay over there since no one will be home tonight and I no longer like coming home to an empty apartment. Besides we will be drinking and I don't want to be driving when I have had a few or more.

Sunday I will be in Prospect Park for the Annual Sheep Shearing - I volunteer every year at The Yarn Tree - There are spinning, weaving and dying demos and a few of us teach the little ones how to finger crochet. It is always a lot of fun - I look forward to doing it - I think of this as my first Right of Spring. If you are in the area stop in!


emy said...

That Granny Smith Pattern is gorgeous but I am sure it's just gonna look all dowdy on me...:(

Melissa said...

ha! likker'd up granny - that's a good one!