Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vacation, all I ever needed, Vacation had to get away

Sorry I haven't posted sooner - I have been trying to catch up on 2 weeks of work as well as attend 3 days of meetings in Manhattan. AHHHHH!!!!

Our flight left Long Beach Sunday night at 9:45 pm and we landed at Kennedy at 6 am Monday morning. The boys mother picked us up at the airport and drove all of us back to Brooklyn to pick up David's car. We got home and went to bed, eventually I woke up and checked my email and I have been working ever since. I haven't even downloaded my pictures yet.

The trip was great - I love San Francisco and wished we had spent more time there - but by the end of the trip I was looking forward to getting home. The boys were restless and bored with all the driving. I told David that next time we take the kids on vacation, it should be a short trip to a beachfront location instead of all the road trip type vacations that they get tired of.

I only managed to get to 1 yarn shop - Rumplestiltskin in Sacramento, which was a very nice shop - I bought a set of short wood DPN's - no yarn. I have way too much stash and no room for more.

Although, I will be getting some more yarn soon, Melissa W - neoknits - the amazingly talented designer of the Grannie Smith Sweater, Sesame , Lux- both available at magknits, and Lucky from Stitch & Bitch Nation, has asked me to test knit a new pattern she has written for Sundara Yarn!! I can't talk to much about it, other than to say it is a kimono style cardigan and the yarn that Melissa used for the design was truly lovely. She said it was a pleasure to work with and I know the color was gorgeous and that she really enjoyed working with it. I can't wait to see what mine looks like; I requested autumn colors and I will post of picture of the yarn when Sundara sends it to me. I will have to have it finished by the middle of August, so it will be my only project until it is finished.

Next time I will have vacation and hopefully yarn pictures.


Melissa said...

awe, you make me blush!

Gill said...

Lovely pictures - I love road trips and the idea of a train road trip really appeals. All that and jelly beans too!

sulu-design said...

You are a no-joke traveler. I think I'd still be recovering from the journey, but you see to be back in the swing of things!