Monday, July 10, 2006

But dont look back in anger I heard you say

It has been over 56 hours since we boarded this train in Chicago – right now we are somewhere between Truckee, CA and Colfax, CA in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The scenery is amazing, but I am so ready to get off this train. The trip so far has been mostly fun, Robert and Jeff are behaving themselves and are only now getting bored and cranky. David is in the car across from me playing Skittles checkers on the snack table with Jeff and Robert is napping in my car while I type this out.

We crossed into California about 4 hours ago – we just passed through Alta, the next stop is Colfax, then Roseville and finally Sacramento – we are about 2 hours late. We were supposed to arrive in Sacramento at 2:15, and it is now 4:20. The scenery changed dramatically once we left Nevada, the scrub becoming greener and the trees becoming taller and evergreen. I love the mountains and ifwasn'tasn’t so tired of being on this train, I would really appreciate the view. I have taken a lot of pictures on the train, having discovered the stop motion setting on my camera that allows me to take very clear pictures from the moving train. – When we get to the hotel and I have access to the internet, I will upload them and this post to blogger. We will be spending the next 2 days in Sacramento, then 2 days in Oakland/SF area before making our way south to Tehatchapi and Irvine.

It is now 11pm Sunday night - we finally arrived in Sacramento at 6:30 by the time we got our luggage and checked into the hotel it was after 7 - it took David over an hour to get a lift to the airport to pick up our rental car - a suburu outback and by the time we had dinner is was almost 10:30. But we are back in our room now, looking forward to a good nights sleep on a bed wider than 48" and not moving!

Tomorrow we will explore Sacramento and the surrounding area and I will have pictures to post too.

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Melissa said...

holy moly! 56 hours since Chicago! Hmm, maybe when I go to CA, I'll just fly - and that's saying alot for me considering I HATE to fly! Though the scenery sounds absolutely wonderful!