Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where'd you go? I miss you so, Seems like it's been forever, That you've been gone.

I can stop singing that now - I found my USB cord! So let there be pictures:

First up Jeff's Graduation
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Such a cheerful child

Our Trip to Baltimore
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O Say can you see - Fort McHenry
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Progress on LUG
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This is actually a few weeks old now - I am up to the armhole shaping will take more pictures soon

Krista tee
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Almost finished back - should finish tonight then start the front.

And one last one cause I told him I would:
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Tomorrow is my last day at work till July 18. We leave for California July 5th, but I took the whole week off - I didn't want to come in on Monday, be off Tues., then either come in or take the rest of the week. We are taking AMTRAK to Sacramento, we will be staying in Oakland, SF, Tehachapi (Trains), and Irvine - we are flying home out of Long Beach. I plan to stop at as many LYS as I can find, so if you have a recommendations leave me a comment. I haven't decided yet if I am taking my laptop yet. I am leaning towards yes, but we will see.

Time to get back to work.


Wendy said...

I am in Cali. Wave at me if you are in the Modesto/Turlock area.

Trixie said...

The Long Beach Airport is pretty sparce. There's an old time lounge/diner but that's about it. You will want to eat before you get there and be sure that you have something to read. It's very small and easy to get through and around. Let me know how Amtrak does as I always wanted to take the train down the coast.

knitti-me said...

Rumplestilkins yarn shop on R Street in downtown Sacramento is a pretty nice yarn shop. Small but quaint. It is located in a refurbished instustrial building with art galleries and a nice new age gift shop. It is next to the Fox & Goose and wonderful English-style pub. I would have loved to meet up with you; however, we'll be up at Tahoe next week.

Hope you enjoy California and I look forward to your "travel-log."

Micky said...

Lovely knitting as always. Hope it's a fun trip.

Melissa said...

have a nice trip! i didn't realize you were up to the armhole shaping on LUG already! can't wait to see an updated pic since the weather sucks too much to bring it around now!