Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I can see the Russian army rolling through my head On one side of me lies the enemy, the other half is dead

I feel like that migraine commercial on TV - suddenly a 10 ton boulder just landed on the right side of my head.

Still haven't found my USB cord, so no photo updates. I went to the hospital last night after work, all the test were negative so they sent her back to the nursing home last night - I went to visit her on my lunch. I try to get there during the week, but it is not easy - I only get a 40 minute lunch and it takes about 15 minutes to drive there. She was glad to be back among her own things, so that was good, she seemed in a better mood.

I never managed to make to LIC last night, by the time I got home and made dinner for David, it was almost 7 and I just didn't feel like going anywhere anymore. I put my jammies on, made cold noodles with sesame sauce and went through my knitting books trying to match up all the yarn I have with appropriate patterns. It was a pleasant evening.

I have tomorrow and Friday off - Jeff is graduating tomorrow and Friday we are driving down to my FIL in Baltimore. Maybe I can get David to stop at A Good Yarn - not that I need anything but I like to look and there is a train store in Baltimore we always stop at, I will ask him to drop me of at the yarn shop while he goes and looks at train parts (yawn).

The graduation is in the afternoon tmrw so I will be free in the evening - I can get some more knitting done on Krista.


jess said...

I love that song, but so sorry you are feeling terrible! :( feel better!

cynic the lamb said...

Glad to hear the tests were negative and that your mom is feeling better. I hope she's alright.
You were missed at knitting last night. Hope to see you soon.