Sunday, June 11, 2006

On Sunday Morning You sure have changed since yesterday Without any warning

This weekend has flown by! I feel like I have done nothing and it is already Sunday night. managed to get out and get my hair cut Saturday morning - I am really pleased with the way it turned up - it is really more of a trim than a cut - I am letting it grow and needed the ends trimmed and a good shaping - she did a very nice job and it now dries with the curls all smooth and shapely.

I I did do a little knitting this weekend - I worked on the Big Girl Knits tank Saturday at the nursing home visiting my mother. I always take an easy project with me to fill in the time while Clara sleeps or zones out on me, she really can't keep up a conversation for more than a few minutes anymore before drifting off. After the nursing home I stopped at AC Moore - all beads and beading supplies are 30% so I bought some silver hoops and coral beads, some turquoise glass beads too. I made a cute pair of earrings. After AC Moore I went to Smiley's to pick up the size 3 & 4 circular needles I wanted. I switched from the bamboo straights to the circular needles on my likker'd up granny.

Then it was home to do a little house work and wait for David and the boys to come home from their hike. Today was a lazy day, David, Robert and Jeff were exhausted and achy from yesterday's hike so all three of them slept in late and moped around the apartment this morning. Sunday used to be my favorite day of the week - David went back to work and I had the day to myself. Now that he is retired, he is home and underfoot and we have had the boys the last 2 weeks - I miss my Sundays!

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