Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can't stand up for falling down...

Thanks to everyone who let me know they are still out there! I will try not to wait another month before posting again.

I had a slight accident Friday night - the Boy Scout Family night was Friday, so I stopped at the Amish Market to pick up 2 lbs of cookies - they have an excellent bakery there. I also picked up a beautiful fresh pineapple on sale. I got home before David and the boys, so I decided to cut the pineapple and refrigerate it before leaving. It was a wonderful, juicy, sweet pineapple. The key word being juicy. I made a mess, pineapple, rind and juice everywhere - I went to get the mop to clean it up and --- whoosh - my left leg slipped out from under me and I heard a pop. I landed on my but in agonizing pain, hysterical laughing because it was so stupid and so me then crying because it hurt so badly. I lay there for about 10 minutes laughing and crying. Finally I managed to crawl over to the living room and lift myself to the sofa.

Fortunately it was just a pull and not an complete tear, but boy did it hurt for a few days. It is much better now - it only hurts when I sit in a hard chair, as long as I keep pressure of it and don't try to sprint I am fine. Embarrassed by fine.

I have been woefully lax in my knitting - I seem unable to finish anything. I have way to many WIP's on the needle's now:

1. Granny Smith
2. Sesame
3. Sapphire Wrap
4. Red Spider Shawl from VLT
5. Simple Scarf in Sea Silk from VLT
6. MS1 - just needs finishing
7. Lace top from White Lies Designs
8. Flower Basket Shawl in hand spun angora from MSW 2005

So, of course I signed up for a KAL - Mystery Stole 3 ( notice WIP #6?)
Oh well - I am nothing if not consistent!

Here is the swatch I did Sunday - it is made from the Colourmart UK Cashmere I won on ebay a few months ago:
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I also knit some beads into the swatch because there is an optional bead trim on the shawl. I don't like these beads, the blend in and I wanted something that popped more, so I ordered some more beads from Beadwrangler and Earthfaire - I will see which I like better and use those.

I like the way this KAL works each week a different clue is posted, so you don't know what it will look like till you get to the last clue. You can see the shawls Melanie designed for MS1 & MS2, Leda's Dream and Scheherazade Stole here.

I am planning on going to SnB tonight - I haven't been in a few weeks and I miss everyone a lot. I can work on the Sea Silk scarf - I am about 1/2 way done and it lace is easy enough to do while talking and drinking coffee.


sulu-design said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the fall. But thrilled to hear that you'll be at knitting tonight. See you there!

Nancy said...

Ouch that sounds like the kind of falls I have. Lot's of WIPs. Oh well at least you can grab something for any mood!

Ruinwen said...

Sorry about the fall. Glad you are feeling better.

Your swatch looks great...that yarn really looks lovely. :)

itgirl said...

but where are you?